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Wooden Kitchen Cabinets for Small Kitchen

Recently, people are crazy about wooden kitchen cabinets for small kitchen. Even though their house is built in minimalist and modern design, they still want to have something traditional. And the spot that they pick is kitchen. They like to have kitchen cabinet made of wooden like oak or teak. Indeed, the teak kitchen cabinet is very durable. In Indonesia as a country producing teak, people like to have furniture made of teak wood since it can be used lifetime.
Wooden kitchen cabinetsSo, are you one of those who love cabinet made of teak wood? You have to understand that it is not quite easy to clean the wooden cabinet. Even, if the wood is used to make kitchen cabinet in which it is easy to get deposit residue like oil and the other ingredients, you have to know how to clean it up every day. However, first of all, try to choose correct design of wooden kitchen cabinet for your small kitchen.

Correct Wooden Cabinet Design for Small Kitchen

When you only have small spacious for kitchen, don’t ever think about place the cabinet in two separated spot. It is better if you place the cabinet at the edge in which the cabinet will be on one location. This design will not make cramped.

In addition, it would be better if the wooden cabinet is combined with another material. For instance, there is one door which is made from PVC. It is like an accessory to beautify the kitchen. When all cabinets are made of wood, your kitchen design seems so heavy. You can pick the door of cabinet made from PVC just above the stove. This spot is not good if there is a wood. It is dangerous.
small kitchen cabinetsHow to Clean Wooden Kitchen Cabinet

Cleaning wooden cabinet is not like cleaning aluminium or PVC. You need to prepare vinegar for your daily cleaning. It usually comes as spray cleaner. This cleaner is helpful to cut grease and greasy film around cooking area. Besides, the odors will be removed as well. Simply, you need to spray on the surface of the wood then you wipe it down using damp sponge.

In addition, you can combine vinegar with salt if there is stubborn spot. There is residue from cooking that is difficult to remove. In this case, vinegar cannot clean it. You need mix vinegar with salt into the paste. Then, you pour it on the area and scrub it using toothbrush or microfiber cloth.

kitchen cabinetsSince the wood kitchen cabinet is long lasting, you need to give protection to make sure that the wood look best. A vegetable oil is wood’s enemy. Indeed, you can clean it up using vinegar. However, it would be better if you apply a very thin layer over the cabinet. You can use dye free cloth to make sure that the color of the cloth doesn’t blend with the cabinet. Then, you don’t need to worry about your lovely wooden kitchen cabinets for small kitchen anymore.