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What to Choose for Bathroom Shelves: Wooden or Glass?

Are crazy because you cannot make decision yet about what to choose for bathroom shelves: wooden or glass? You don’t need to push so hard anymore since the answer is found out. Try to see both materials objectively. Find the advantages and disadvantages of wooden and glass material and make decision.
Here is detail information which leads you to make conclusion whether wooden or glass is best material for bathroom shelves.

Wooden Material and Its Benefit

It seems that people cannot avoid wooden. People in the past build their house using wooden. Furniture is made of wood as well. This material is still used up to now even though there are many other alternatives like metal, UPVC, aluminum, and the others. It is due to the fact that people can long relationship with wood.

Besides, they have already proven that wood is durable. In Asia, people like to build house using teak wood. It is long lasting. Expensive furniture is mostly made of teak wood. They keep up using wood for chairs, tables, cupboard, and of course bathroom shelves.
Wooden bathroom shelvesUnfortunately, there is disadvantage of the wood. It has a real enemy. It is water. Wood is durable if there is no water. Therefore, some home designers suggest that the furniture made of wood is not put in moist area. Meanwhile, it should not be put in area which directly meets the sunshine as well. Those areas will damage the wood.
Wooden bathroom shelves designIn this case, you can imagine how if you choose wooden bathroom shelves. Indeed, it is not incorrect choice. You can purchase the wooden shelves that have been coated with certain product in order to fight against the water. Therefore, wooden shelves are durable and they don’t get damage because of moist and water.

Glass Material and Its Benefits

You don’t need to doubt about the durability of the glass anymore. Nevertheless, one thing that has to be pointed out is that it is considered as modern material. Most home interior designers suggest this material as bathroom shelves. The glass has image like the water. It is clear and clean.

Besides, glass will not get damage because of water and moist. Therefore, you will not need to prepare much more budget to change your shelves every one or two years.
Glass bathroom shelvesHowever, the shelves made of glass are usually sold expensive. It is because of high demand. Homeowners like to have house in modern design. Every part of the house should get touch of modernity, not to mention bathroom. Therefore, modern furniture costs a lot like glass bathroom shelves.
Glass bathroom shelves designEven though it is sold in high price, the maintenance seems to be zero. The only thing that you have to do is cleaning it up using dry fabric every day. Unlike wooden bathroom shelves, the glass shelves don’t change. Meanwhile, wood can change due to different condition.

So, have you make decision? You should be wise to make decision. Both materials, wooden and glass are great. The rest is that you have to make wooden or glass greater by matching the shelves with the bathroom design.