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What Interior To Choose For Living Room – Modern Or Classic Style

Designing living room does not simply choosing furniture, cabinets and the other additional equipment, but also considering what kind of style do you want to have. Among styles that you have to consider, you might have to take interior living room modern or classic style into account. It tells about modern classic design that can be applied into your living room. It is a mix between modern and classic style, enabling your living room to look different, comfortable and suit to your personal taste. If you want to know how, these following ideas can be used as options if you want to design your living room.Classic living room

Bricks in high ceiling living room

The classical look of this style is showed off by the brick or stones in brown colors on the side of the wall. But, when you come to the sofa, it shows off the modern look. The white sofas with low back rest and a white ottoman look comfortable. The hanging light bulb creates a personal ambiance. If you are a kind of person with adventure style, this kind of living room suits to your personal taste.Modern style living room

West Modern eclectic

If you have a traditional living room but you want to have modern look, this kind of style will be suitable for you. The key of this style is on the arrangement of the furniture. Thus, you need to make sure that you place everything in a proper position.

This interior living room modern or classic style combine curtains, sofas, lamps and cabinets. With medium height of ceiling, white curtain with brown lines makes the glance classic style. But, when you come to the sofas put by the window, your living room will have more modern touch. This single sofa in light brown color is a perfect addition. Two classical table lamps can be put on the other side next to the window. Choose a transparent glass table with sleek shape. Your living room will be like a blending of transitional and mid century modern style in an eclectic.Modern living room

A blue gray transitional living room

If you like a modern look rather than classic, but still want to show off its classic style a little bit, this one is your perfect match.

It is called blue gray as almost entire walls are in grey color, that shows of clean lines and also refreshing color. The lower side of the wall is given classic touch in white sleek. Wooden floor looks contrast with the wall, but it matches with light-yellow sofa.Living room design

Classic Italian living room

Even though it really looks classic, there is a modern touch in this style. The Italian furniture dominates the room. It adds a zebra rug, crystal lighting and hand carved mirror. The walls are painted in super white, so with the minimal light, the living room still looks bright and give calm ambiance.  This blending enables this room to be more classical rather than modern. Dark wood floors and the zebra rug give adventurous touch, matching to your personal taste.


This kind of living room often appears in movies where there is a super rich people who like safari. Thus, if your personal taste matches to this, you may opt this interior living room modern or classic style.