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Wedding Reception Home Decorating Ideas

Wedding Reception Home Decorating Ideas

Wedding is an auspicious day in our life where we tie a knot with someone whom we love or whom we suddenly started loving her or him after we first time met him or her. It is very important day of everyone’s life when two souls who were unknown before the wedding come together and become one soul who share their every moment of life with one another all happiness or unhappy stages everything has been shared with one another. Hence, in order to make such celebration worth enjoying and memorable, we should opt for some wedding reception home decoration ideas to decorate our home during such celebration as it will it will add an extravagant charm for such days.

Functions for wedding and ideas to decorate your home
To share such auspicious news of “Just married couples” people all over the world celebrate wedding receptions which involves:
Just married couples1. Planning the reception venues
2. Planning food during the reception
3. Planning for theme during such function
4. Whom to invite and what type of invitation cards to be sent

During such events we may have already spends large amount of bugs and we may also been in financial crisis too so we may opt for some other option what if we already have a backyards with lush of green grass smaller one, for which we can took advantage and try to celebrate our wedding reception on our home too.
Wedding Receptin tableIdea for decorating home for wedding reception:
1. Outer side of home you can apply some led lights all over the home making it prefect place of venue for the wedding reception.

2. The main door could be decorated with bunch of flowers and welcome note

3. At main door keep some family person to greet every guest coming inside the home

4. Interior decoration could be like all your sofas must be decorated with colorful bed sheet and pillows with colorful cushion cover

5. You can also hire some chair to sit and at entrance you can keep a seating arrangement board showing the arrangements for guest to sit

6. Ceiling could be draped with colorful fabric cloths

7. And in your backyard in garden there should be long table with beautiful cloth and dishes with colorful tissue papers

8. On one side there will be counters decorated with table cloths for starter and juice and also the main course for every guest.

So, with such wedding reception home decoration ideas you will able to throw party in low cost and you will also get a chance to decorate your home by your own and do not need to dependent on event organizer or other people.