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Traditional Wooden Sofa Set Design

In modern, traditional wooden sofa set design still has a lot of fans. Traditional set of sofa will create image of unique and antique if the homeowners know which tradition design is great for the sofa made of wood.Wooden sofa

Therefore, if you don’t want to make a mistake, try to figure out the elements of traditional sofa set made of wood. The elements will make sure that the design is not only old but antique as well. So, what are the elements?

Different traditional leg styles

How many styles of tradition wooden sofa leg have you known? Actually, there are a lot of options. The most unique leg for such a traditional wooden sofa set design is cabriole leg. This leg has curve at the top yet the bottom looks narrow. You don’t ever think that this leg can be broken easily if it is made of strong wood.Sofa set design

Another style for tradition sofa is Chippendale. This kind of sofa is very popular in the 18th century. Now, you can bring it into the modern era. It is characterized by straight leg and little ornament on it. This leg will make the sofa look slightly taller. Meanwhile, cabriole leg style makes the sofa look small.

Traditional sofa style

After knowing about the style of sofa leg, now let’s turn to the style of sofa itself. Since it is traditional, you should keep in mind that your traditional wooden sofa set design has standard thee-set design. Indeed, there are many other styles yet standard three-set sofa is the most traditional one. With this kind of style, you can put it even though the space is not quite big enough. In the center of the sofa, you can place wooden round or foursquare table.Traditional wooden sofa

Sectional sofa style is little bit modern. This style will allow you to arrange the sofas freely. You can make arrangement based on section and based on the space where the sofa will be put. Make sure that there is not arm in the sofa so you can change the arrangement and sometimes you can put them all together.

Colors for tradition wood sofa

It can be easily guessed that wood has brown as its natural color. However, it is not the only color for traditional wooden sofa set design. Oak will be slightly dark or black while teak is little bit brighter than oak. So, you shouldn’t paint all wooden sofas with brown color. Other dark colors are good for this kind of sofa as well.Natural color sofa design

In order that the color doesn’t fade away, you should apply paint protection after painting. It is a fluid applied as the last step after painting is done. Wooden furniture is very expensive right now and indeed you don’t want to look it broken, do you?Wooden and leather sofa

Now, you are ready to hunt the tradition sofa set made of wood. It would be better if you know the wood before it is painted to make sure that the sofa is made of high-quality wood. Having traditional wooden sofa set design will make your house luxurious like a castle.