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Top Innovative Castle Party Decoration Ideas

Castle Party Decoration Ideas

The castle party is one of the most requested birthday party themes. So if you are looking forward for some really creative castle party decoration ideas then you are lucky enough because this castle theme has so much fun and innovative options to offer. So, if you are planning to throw a castle party, then here are some really helpful ideas you should consider that can make the party go perfect for everyone who attends it.

Castle Party Invitation

Using parchment paper, invitation can either be printed or handwritten. Once you are done with the first part, then roll the invitation and seal it with red band or golden band to keep it secure. Other castle ideas include things like glittery or featuring related accessories such as palace, crown.
Castle Party Invitation1Castle Decoration – Glittery

If it’s a sort of princess party then pink is the best color for it. If little bit of dashing knights are involved into the celebrations, also summing up some white as well as black color will balance the pink for masculine feel. You can even construct a castle to decorate the entry gate for the celebration. An easiest way to make a castle is to spray paint an appliance box as well as refrigerator. You can then add some turrets, a flag and make the windows arched. You can put a hole for the entry and to give it a final touch, add a piece of carpet which will show the path to everyone towards kingdom.
Castle DecorationIf its girl’s birthday, then a chair can be decorated with flowers, a large box, colorful balloons etc. You can keep the tablecloth pink, along with some glittery stars. If you are still finding some more castle party decoration ideas then you can keep the menu of the party as the royal feast using proper plastic water goblets, champagne flutes as well as fancy disposable silver utensils.

Royal Games with Creative Activities

The castle theme is real fun as there are so many innovative activities and games can be incorporated into the party. Games like, pin the wings on the dragon, pin the crown on the princess, pin the sword on the knight etc.Crafts ideas are also popular because on one hand it will be a fun for guests to create beautiful crafts using their own ideas and on the other these crafts can be later used for decorations. So planning a castle party is always a fun because it allows so much creative ideas to implement.
Royal Games with Creative Activities