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These Well-Suggested Modern House Ceiling Design

Hunting modern house ceiling design will make you really exhausted and sometimes confused due to the fact that there are limitless numbers of designs for modern ceiling concept. Now, you don’t have to waste the time anymore. Here are the most recommended modern designs for ceiling.

Before knowing what those designs are, it has to be understood that ceiling is actually a part of your house which protect from heat of the sun or cold weather. Therefore, ceiling in fact has the main benefit. It is protection in order to make sure that people who live in will feel comfortable in any different seasons.Modern ceiling

In this case, if you pick the modern house ceiling design, you shouldn’t forget the main benefit of ceiling. Besides it must be stylish, it should be able to hold off the heat from the sun and also cold weather.House ceiling design

Now, let’s start discussing about modern designs for ceiling of your modern house.

Modern ceiling with center hidden lighting

Modern ceiling is all about lighting. It will make room softer instead of brighter. Light is not an appliance to bright up your room anymore. It should be able to make you feel comfortable.

Therefore, you can try to design your house with this modern house ceiling design; hidden lighting in the center. There is a hanging part of your ceiling in the center. Inside of that part, you can put LED lighting. In terms of color, you can choose your favorite color. Usually, the homeowners like to have blue or yellow color. Those two colors make the room little bit warmer. It is a good choice for living room ceiling.

Mod Redux

It is not false to pick wood as the main material for your modern house ceiling design. Some people might argue that wood gives the nuance of traditional and old. In fact, this material can be transformed into modern look. The hardwood can be little bit glossed. The room will be darker so this kind of ceiling is a good choice for a contemporary family room.

Since the room will be slightly dark, you need window made of glass so sunshine can enter the room and it will reduce the darkness. It can be a garden outside the window.

Indeed, mod redux make the room little bit formal. It is far away from being fun and enjoyable. So, you have to put it as your consideration.

Strips ceiling design

It is a big challenge if you want to decorate your house because you have to use your imagination and make it real. Strip can be included as a list of modern house ceiling design for your house. For kids’ bedroom, you can combine two bright different colors for instance white as main color combined with pink for girl and green for boy. Meanwhile, for older people, try to choose soft color like brown with white or brown with blue.Modern style ceiling

Now, you can decide which design that you would like to pick. Make sure that you choose the design representing your characteristic. People can guess the others from their house. So, try to make other people know you more from correct modern house ceiling design you choose.Ceiling design