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The Best Wardrobe with Sliding Doors Designs on 2016

Sliding doors wardrobe

Can you get the answer why many homeowners really like the best wardrobe with sliding doors designs on 2016 instead of other types of wardrobe? It is because they have already understood that many advantages that they can get from having this kind of wardrobe. So, how about you?
First of all, many people looked down on this sliding door wardrobe in the past. They say that this is a type of wardrobe only for those who don’t have space to put hinged wardrobe. It is reasonable why think so. They decide to choose sliding wardrobe if they live in narrow apartment or not quite spacious flat.
However, that argument is not accepted anymore. Many people prefer sliding door wardrobe right now, no matter how spacious the room that they have. It is due to the fact that they have already known the benefits of having this kind of wardrobe.

Wardrobe design

Sliding door will save the space

What does it mean? Save the space? It doesn’t mean that the space is in dangerous condition. Nevertheless, the word “save” here means making the space efficient. Can you imagine how many centimeters the space that you have to provide and spare to open the hinged wardrobe? Even though it only eats up 20-30 centimeters, it will disturb you when you want to open the wardrobe while somebody else would like to pass. It is different if you have wardrobe with sliding door. The door will not eat up the space since you can access it by sliding it into the right or right side.

Wardrobe with sliding doors

Sliding door is tougher than hinged door

It is common that the hinged door is broken. When you have used it for long period of time, the hinged door will not be easy to open and close. At first, you will hear a sound when you access it. It is a sign that no longer your hinged door wardrobe will be broken.
Do you know why it happens? It is because of old hinges on the wardrobe. They are getting weak to support the door. Even, if the door is made of heavy material like wood, usually the hinges will be broken first.
This problem will not happen if you choose sliding door wardrobe. In short, you can use the wardrobe much longer than hinged door wardrobe.

Modern wardrobe design

More stylish

For this one, it is about taste. If you like something vintage, probably you will prefer to choose hinged door. Meanwhile, those who you want to design the bedroom in modern style, it is strongly recommended that they pick wardrobe with sliding door.
For the times being, many furniture designers are trying to create new design for sliding door wardrobe. They notice that demand of this kind of wardrobe is getting increased. The customers would like to have more stylish one.

White wardrobe sliding doors

So, are you still thinking about purchasing hinged door wardrobe? It is not false. Nevertheless, don’t want to take the most of the best wardrobe with sliding doors designs on 2016?