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The Best Front Yard Landscaping with Stones for Your House

Front yard landscaping with stones seems never dying. Even though modern idea, design, and furniture are easy to find, stone cannot be replaced as the main material especially for the front yard. Even, stones come in various form, pattern, and color. Meanwhile, home designers never stop exploring the idea in order to find out the new inspiration for the front yard design. Are you up to redesign your front yard with stones? If yes, probably you don’t want to miss the information below.

Big Flat Stone with the Grass

It must be one of the easiest ideas to make nice front yard landscaping with stones. It is correct choice if your front yard is not quite large. Try to arrange flat and big stones to form narrow and long path leading to the entrance door. In this case, the stones shouldn’t be too big. Probably the size is similar to palm of your foot or little bit bigger. You can put them aside but there is certain space between stones. The space is used to grow the grass.
Front yard landscaping stonesActually, this idea has been implemented and adopted by a lot of homeowners. But if you want to have it without little bit difference, you can add small touch like by adding your favorite flowers at the edge of the path made of stones. You can choose whether the flowers that can grow high or not. It is up to you.

Front Yard Landscaping with Small Stones

Some people argue that making landscaping using big and flat stones is too ordinary. When they like to need extraordinary front yard landscaping with stones, they need to forget about big stones and change with small ones.
Stone in front yard designThey are not only small, but very small. You can try this idea by creating pattern of the path leading to your house in advance. It can be straight or curve. Meanwhile, some big stones can be put at the edge of the small stones. The main purpose is to make the small stones intact. They are not away during raining.
By implementing this design, your front yard is not only marvelous. You also will be healthy as well. Walking on the small stones every morning will reduce the risk of getting sick like rheumatic, heart, and many other dangerous diseases.

Stone and Pond

It is really amazing to combine front yard landscaping with stones and pond. Therefore, the front yard path is not straightforward but circle. The pond is located in the middle of the path. Your house will look like a palace. Your guests will be pleased since they will be welcomed with nice front yard.
Instead of pond, you can change it with regular pond without fish. It is suggested if you live in area which has extreme winter. The fish will be suffering when winter comes. Therefore, it would be much wiser if you don’t put the fish in the pond.
Front yard landscapingThose are some great ideas that you can try to change the appearance of your front yard. One thing that you have to remember is that the front yard landscaping with stones should fit to your house design.