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The Best Design Curtain for Modern Home’s Living Room

A stylish and comfortable living room requires curtains, and that is why we need best design curtain for living room. Seemingly, a lot of dwellers cannot decide the best curtain they have to utilize for their living room. Whereas, there have been several designs as well as patterns that possibly complement the living room space. To know better what the best designs, we are going to look further on the article below.

The word “best” cannot be decided by its price and particular style, but it has to be suited with style, shape and size of the furniture in the living room, as well as the home architecture. The lists below are some best designs curtain for living room for general modern homes.

Pinch pleat drape    

This design might deserve to be called as the best, if we consider its popularity in its usage. Talking about the price, it is a little pricey. However, if the dwellers demand an attractive look inside the living room, it delivers the best.

Tab top curtain

Best design curtain

For those who want a less expensive curtain, tab top curtain design should be preferable. Particularly, this design enables the dwellers to have a casual and relaxing appearance. Furthermore, tab top design can also be used to create a contemporary or modern look upon the living room. There has been contemporary design of tab top curtain available in the marketplace.

Stationary panels

Living room curtain

Considering the preference of each dweller, privacy is often highly taken into account. However, it will not be a problem anymore if from the window, a beautiful scene is clearly seen. Installing stationary panels is the answer of this demand. It enables the living room to get more color and softness. It might be the reason it is included into best design curtain for living room.

Rod pocket panels

Modern home curtain

This is another reasonable curtain design. A topper can be added by considering the entire design of the living room.

Custom tailored curtains

Modern curtain design

For those who demand a unique curtain design, this one is an excellent option. However, creativity is required here. More colors and additional designs are needed to create the living room in desired space by considering the mood. This one is available in both expensive and cheap, depending on the particular style and fabric.

Off the rack curtain

It offers affordability, but the available patterns and colors are quite limited. Besides, it does not have a good finish.

Considering those options, lining has to be added to the curtains. Furthermore, if the house is located in a cold region, some kind of thermal lining is highly required. The design will be excellent as the energy will not slip out from the home, and the curtains will last longer since the thermal lining protects the curtains from the sun light. On the other hand, living in a sunny region requires the dwellers to be alert on the curtains. Cotton lining may be required in order that the curtain keeps under protection from the sun. By taking those elements into the consideration, in the end, someone will be able to find the best design curtain for living room.