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Stylish Black And White Bathroom Easily Practiced

Black and white is two contrast colors. One often represents the good, and black does the bad. However, it does not work for a bathroom. These colors are even capable of showing off a stylish bathroom, more than a room that is only used for taking bath. These timeless colors are usable for floors, furniture, ceiling and many more.

A busy bathroom

It shows off traditional touch by giving black molding. Additionally, the black trim on each edge, from the window, double stripped black trim on the walls, doors, and the black trim on the floor. Although the white dominates the look, the black trims are eye-catching that makes everyone see every edge of it. The light bulb in ceiling ensures the entire room does not have dark spot.

bathroom easily practiced ideas

Whites are everywhere with black marble accents

You come into the bathroom; you may like its brightness in white. So, use this one. You can paint almost all parts of the bathroom in white, but the edge of the ceiling that have black lines. This black and white bathroom features white subway tile and shows off black marble accents and glass window. You can use the tile floors with black marble basket- weave and Calcutta gold. It looks very clean with light blue and faux gray, creating a crisp feel that is combined with a white pedestal tub. There is a wooden cabinet in dark color giving an additional perfect touch. The black accents and subway can be perfectly complemented in this kind of style.

black and white bathroom

Stripped effect in contemporary bathroom

If you want a contemporary bathroom but still have black and white colors, you can start with it. Here, almost everything has stripped colors in black and white. The walls have tight stripped lines that are beautifully combined with the glass doors with transparent stripped lines. Even if you use square tiles, make them stripped. Choose contemporary light, the one is hung in the middle of the bathroom, and the other two are attached after the glass door to make sure the bathroom does not have dark spot. Get white basin with flower in a small pot. The shower area and basin has no separation.  Everything looks minimalist with sleek design. If you can combine the stripes of black and white, your bathroom looks stylish.

easily practiced bathroom

Black basin to divide shower area

To give modern style, black and white bathroom works very best. With the black tiles and basin where everything else is in white, the bathroom has been very stylish. To divide the shower are and basin, you can use transparent glassed wall, enabling the black tiles can be clearly seen from the basin area. Additional black stripped likes on the wall is required. Three lamps are added above the basin, which has ensured the shower area is lighted.

stylish black white bathroom

Those four styles require your imagination to create more stylish bathroom. Consider the size of the bathroom, and you can choose which style that will be best to use.  By giving the right style, your bathroom will not be monotone, but it will be a stylish black and white bathroom.