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Some Bungalow Design Elements for a New Look

Modern bungalow design

Bungalow is a small house that is now increasingly popular. Often called as Craftsman, bungalow is an extension of its natural surroundings. It is a reflection of stone and woods. Those appear on bungalow that give a new look. So, if you might be tired of having the current look of your house, you might try to renovate it into bungalow. To begin, you need to understand some bungalow design elements for a new look. The elements are particular characteristic of bungalow. For more detail, take a look at the following information.

Bungalow Foundation

The foundation of bungalow is rocks or it can be coursed with brick above finished grade. The materials are long-lasting for the foundation so that the transition of land as well as the built environment looks more natural. This is one of some bungalow design elements for a new look. The house is now constructed from concrete foundation which can be purged with cemented plaster so that there is a connection between home and earth.
Bungalow Foundation Design Ideas

Bungalow Roof

Bungalow has low-pitched gable roof. To protect the house from the sunlight, be sure that the roof of your house has wide overhangs. If you want dormers, ensure that they are placed in the front with a gable roof. Among the elements of bungalow, the most different one is the existence of triangle knee brace. So, your house has to be so. It is placed from the face of the front gable of your roof. Create it as decorative as possible by assembling several of ways, based on aesthetic requirements.
Bungalow Roof Design Ideas

Windows Design

Some bungalow design elements for a new look include the windows. Usually, the windows are double-hung in large size and there are single panes of glass on respective sash. Every now and then, there are multiple panes on the top sash. Additionally, your bungalow needs to have casement windows. You can arrange the windows as your personal preference that can be either in groups in pairs, single or as threesome. For gaining a distinctively new look, be sure the window trim is simple as well as flat wood.
Bungalow Design Ideas

Bungalow Entrance

This part of the house needs particular attention since it is the most unique elements of bungalow. If you only have a small bungalow, the front door needs to be in single one and more modest porch. It is usually centered under the ridge. You need to get the door flanked with windows or leaded glass. The porch needs to get railings that consist of siding and half-walls.
New Bungalow Design Ideas

New Bungalow Siding

This is more detail of some bungalow design elements for a new look. The siding is usually composed of cedar shingles and clapboards. Meanwhile, for the base of the building, you need to add belly bends. However, it can also be used or horizontal material change of your house.

Those elements can be seen from the outside. Bungalow is possibly on the small side. However, it has open floor plans that make an expansive sense. From the interior, there is a typical characteristic that you cannot ignore. The main floor needs to consist of bedrooms and public rooms.
Bungalow Design Elements Ideas

If you plan to create a new look of your house into a bungalow, gaining an understanding of some bungalow design elements for a new look is required. Only then, you can transform home decorating ideas into an appealing bungalow.