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Small Décor Details – Wall Lights over Pictures

Picture lighting

Wall lights over pictures are highly required if you would like to make your house like museum. Most of picture collectors really want to make their collection noticeable by anybody coming into their house. During the night, they want them noticeable more. And they use wall lights over the pictures to make it happen.

You can adapt what they do, actually. However, it is better for you know what you have to consider before you go out and purchase the wall lights. What are the things that you have to consider most?
Lights over picturesThe Lamps

For the times being, there are various type of lamps. In addition, the electricity stores also give you options in terms of color of the lamps. So, what is the best lamp to lighten the picture you hang in the wall of your house?

It is best recommended that you choose LED. First, it doesn’t consume too much electricity. Therefore, you can reduce the budget to pay electricity every month. However, the cost to buy LED is little bit expensive. That shouldn’t be problem actually if you know how much money that you can save since you don’t have to pay much electricity cost every month. In terms of color, it would be better if you fit it with the nuance that you want to create in your house.
Wall lights over picturesThe Size of Wall Lights

For the times being, there are several lamps with different forms. Nevertheless, the most favorite one might be the horizontal lamp. This lamp is able to lighten picture with long size. It is different with the lamp that only has round form. However, it doesn’t mean that the last type of lamp is not recommended. Usually, picture collector chooses this one in order to create ambiance into the picture. When the lamps of the house are turned off and this wall light is turned on, the house will be just like museum or romantic restaurant.

However, some home interior designers suggest that this kind of wall light shouldn’t be as large as the picture. It should be smaller that the picture in order that picture becomes the focus, not the lamp. When the lamp is too large or even larger than the picture, the lamp will overwhelm the picture whereas it is picture that would like to focus on.

In addition, it is also well-recommended that the lamp has thin structure as if there was lamp lightening up the picture. As the result, there is no distraction for anybody to see and enjoy the picture.

In short, wall lights over picture are highly required when you want to make your house well-designed. From now on, you understand that it is not only design of house or paint of the wall which determines who good your house. Wall light plays quite significant role as well.
No lights over pictureEven, this kind of light is good for those who have small house and they are looking for a very effective small décor idea. You don’t have to change the design totally. You only need to purchase the wall light over the picture instead.