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Small Apartment Furniture Idea To Save Maximum Space

Small apartment is reality of a lot of people who live in a big city. However, despite the limited space, it does not mean you cannot design it into a cozy and attractive ambiance. If you know small apartment furniture idea, designing your small apartment is utterly not a big problem. The point is playing with the furniture. The one that enables you to save space as much as possible is what you need. You will have more spacious feel. Here are ideas that you can apply for small apartment.Apartment furniture idea

Realize your space

When you are trying to find furniture for your apartment, the vital step beforehand is measuring the real space you have. It is small, of course, but you need to know the measurement. Only then, you can avoid buying too larger furniture that will take a lot of space. More badly, you can bring the furniture into your apartment since the doorway is small enough for the furniture.Wooden apartment furnitureGet multi-purpose furniture

You will have a lot of stuff to store, so storage is highly needed. With space you have, multi-purpose furniture is all what you need. Corner cupboard with glass doors will be excellent to place in the living room. If you have an idea to have a trunk, you can transform it unto coffee table. One thing is that the furniture has to be in sufficient size. Too large size takes up space.
When you do not require a trunk, you can use an ottoman that works as a table as well. This small apartment furniture idea will help you in saving space.Apartament furniture design

Vertical shelves

Working with space is not always on the floor. You can work with the vertical space, namely wall. On the other hand, shelves must be required as you need more space to keep your stuff. If working on the floor is impossible, you can add vertical shelving. You can have tall bookshelves and armoires. Space can be saved by adding floating shelves as well. Only then, you can have an area where you can add the other furniture like beds, dressers and couches.
Combining dining room and kitchen is good solution, but the furniture you need is drop-lead and bistro table. When there is only your around, you can push it against the walls. When guests come, you can have extra furniture. These tables look casual, but you can dress up the table with a decorative table cloth.White apartment furniture

Slim unique furniture

Small apartment furniture idea also includes slim unique furniture. When choosing couches, for instance, narrow-arm couches should be preferable than ornate scrolled arms. Besides, the best tabletops for small space would be glass tops with metal bases. This choice works for dining table or accent table. Glass creates a feeling of airiness and gives more visual space.
Do you need accessories? Indeed. However, the number accessories should not be in excess number. Always avoid clutter particularly for small apartment it will be a chaos. After you keep this small apartment furniture idea in your mind, you can design your apartment, saves a lot of space and enables to create a visual larger apartment.Elegant apartment furniture