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Simple And Applicable Garage Color Ideas

Garage is a part of your house that you may rarely use. However, it does not mean that we can leave it untreated or under corated. It is as important as the other parts of your house that requires personal taste before being painted. Whether you use it for storage area, workshop or studio, garage color ideas are incredibly required, that do not have to be complicated, but easy ones to create a clean look.

Interior Paints and how the garage is used

You’ve got plenty choices of colors, but you need to understand that different colors work differently. If you use your garage for work place, the best color is light colors. These kinds of color will create you garage brighter as they reflect lights. So, how will you use your garage?

Garage color

On the other hand, light colors may work in opposite. As we know, garage is easily getting dirty due to oils. Choosing light colors makes the spot of dirt clearly seen. Thus, you need to avoid yellows and whites, and get brown or gray instead. They work excellently hiding the spot of dirt and enable the entire look to be modern and sophisticated.

Garage Color IdeasIf you want to create an open ambiance, light blues work best. The color of your car also needs to be considered, additionally, if the car is the main feature of the garage. A great option is using lighter shade than the paint of your car. It will emphasize the car existence without eliminating the clean look of your garage. This idea does not work if you use your garage for work.

Exterior colors and where the garage is located

When thinking about exterior colors, garage color ideas need to take the house paint into account. It is recommended painting the garage exterior and house in the same color. Meanwhile, considering that the garage is located head of your front door, you had better choose neutral colors, enabling the visitors not to be distracted due to the bright colors of the garage.

Applicable garage colorsMeanwhile, if the garage is located behind your house or being attached, the best solution is playing with the trim. Paint the exterior garage with main colors that become the trim of your house. Otherwise, the main color of your house is used as trim for your garage. Only then, the garage will not disappear, and be emphasized instead.

Colors for floorings

When you choose colors for the floor, you’ve got several considerations of garage color ideas. First, we need to know how you will use your garage. If you use your garage for work, it often gets spilled up with oils or fluids. If it does, you will require concrete pain enabling you to clean up the floor easily. Specifically, you will need epoxy paint. It has to be darker than the interior walls of your garage. Only then, everyone who gets into the garage will get anyone attention to the ground.

Applicable garage color ideasConsidering the colors of the walls, if they are cool colors, you had better have dark blue, black or gray. However, for all colors of wall, you need a color which suits to the driveway, creating a smooth transition.

Now, you’ve finally got simple garage color ideas. You simply consider the location of your garage, the function of the garage, as well as the house exterior colors and then you can have a garage that is suitable to your personal taste.