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The Answer to the Question – Should I Carpet My Stairs?

Stair is a part of a house that usually needs carpet. However, it is not a must since you may not need carpet if you like hard surfaces like laminate or hardwood. Some other may still be wondering if or not stair needs carpeting, so this is the answer to the question – should I carpet my stairs? Answering the question cannot simply give yes or no statement, but you have to be informed with some reasons why your stair needs carpeting or not.
Non carpet stairsIs Safety Your Priority?

Carpet is a lot safer than hard surface flooring. You can prove this by simply checking whether hard surfaces are more slippery than carpet or not. The slippery way may lead you to fall. Even if you should fall, carpet will make you a lot softer landing than hard flooring or even laminate. Thus, carpet gives you a safer path and reduces the risk of getting injured from fall.
Fresh carpet stairsHow is the Final Appearance after Carpeting?

Seemingly, a lot of people are too worried about the final appearance of the stairs after carpeting. They are commonly concerned about the ability to seen the backing of carpet as the carpet wraps around the edge.

The fact says that you cannot see the backing of carpet, but possibly in product with lowest grade, it will be visible. Most products available in the market are apparently enabling you not to see the carpet backing if the carpet is installed properly. Only after proper installation, you can enhance the carpet performance and can prevent the carpet from being visible between the fibers “rows” when you try carpet blending.
Tangier carpet stairsHow is the Proper Installation?

The answer to the question – should I carpet my stairs?” may be still doubting among people who still do not yet understand how to install it properly. Basically, there are two methods: French cap or waterfall.
French cup allows you to wrap the carpet around the edge of stairs and then tucks it under the lip that will encounter the shape of the step. If you think that you have skill for this installation and can be patient since it takes more time, choose this installation. However, the result will be more beautiful.
Stairs carpetWaterfall method, on the other hand, is much simpler. It just bends the carpet over the edge of stair and then brings the carpet straight down so that the tread of the adjacent step meets. It is easy so you might choose this method.

What Style and Quality do You Need?

About the styles, it depends on your preference, but any styles can be used for carpeting. Just, make sure you choose a carpet that is not too thick as it cannot be utilized for stairs. Wrapping around the edge of the stairs will be very difficult.

Due to the frequent use of carpet, be sure that you choose the high quality carpet as well as the cushion. The high quality one will be long-lasting so that you do not have to replace the carpet too often. Indirectly, high quality carpet will save more money.
Carpet stairsThe answer to the question – should I carpet my stairs?” completely depends on you. However, from that explanation, it is suggested to have the stairs carpeted due to those factors.