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Retro Living Room Furniture

Retro living room furniture with modern-style changes

Decorating living room in retro style needs particular touch. It needs special retro living room furniture belonging to having a look of 1950s and 1980s. “Retro” itself means looking backward, so by adding certain furniture, it enables you to drag your memory and nostalgia back to the old times. You currently can have it to your own home interior. Something that was popular is about to revive in this modern times. There are some radical changes of this furniture. Retro furniture may not be the same as traditional ones. Following ideas are the ones you should know beforehand.

Living room retro furniture

Clean lines

The retro style furniture has its own particular characteristic. It has streamlined and sleek look. It is entirely simple and has polished line. When being added into your living room, it creates airiness and gives more visual space so for those with modern look, retro furniture helps in optimizing modern aesthetic.

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Innovative materials

Retro furniture used to only involve original objects. The materials should use traditional materials and also construction. However, it seems impossible anymore due to the high price of the materials especially wood.

Innovative materials then are invented. Due to the improvement of technologies, the furniture can be made from new materials, such as plastic and fiberglass. Similarly, metals currently have been molded, shaped and sculptured into new forms that are bold but seem impossible to do this by traditional construction. Retro living room has been changed radically in terms of materials, but you will find them equally artistic and feature retro design. Wood is an irreplaceable material, but it also changes. Your table in the living room may not have dark tones anymore. Lighter tones are now usable with more neutral shapes. This kind of furniture gives accents of woods like teak that showcases a natural beauty.

Retro furniture design

Minimum embellishment

When you choose the table or sofas for your retro living room, it needs to be minimum embellishment. You can see this from its uncluttered and spare design that lack of overstuffed cushions, fringe, carved trim and also draped fabrics. The pre-war decor that shows off embellishment does not exist in retro furniture. Then, you may add tables, sofa or cabinets that still keep the modern style that highlights materials shapes and design, and decoration instead.

Asymmetry and curve feature with bright colors

Retro chairs and tables have their own feature. They highlights curve and asymmetry pattern. Color tones will give some kind of energy upon the furniture. The bright colors that were once popular during the mid-century comes up in the form of non-traditional shades such as pink, aqua, turquoise, sunny yellow and tangerine.

Retro furniture for living room

Single functionality

Function is the main focus of retro furniture. When it comes to the modern time, it still shows off sophisticated feature but eliminating formality. The simple and clean lines make this furniture friendly and calming. It requires minimum maintenance but high performance. Your living room can be smartly transformed into a retro style but still have modern touch.

Retro living room furniture is not completely about mid-century style, but some modern touch has been added to the furniture. In the end, these changes give their own touch towards your living room.

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