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Outdoor Entrance Decorating Ideas Will Refresh Your Front Yard

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These following outdoor entrance decorating ideas will truthfully enhance the appearance of your entrance. It is such a great time to hunt new idea if you think that you get boring with your old fashioned entrance. So, which one do you prefer to have?

Creating Narrow Path

This idea has been applied by a lot of European homeowners especially those who don’t have quite large space for entrance. They make a narrow path leading the guest into the main door.
entrance narrow pathIn this case, it is not cage made of stone or metal to border the path, but the plantation. You can pick any plantation that you like to have. In fact, the plantation should not be higher than people. If the plants are higher, your house will more look like forest rather than a house.

For the path, you can rely on the rough tile. It is better to avoid slippery during rainy season. Indeed, you don’t want to make anybody shy because of slippery, do you? Therefore, try to pick rough tile. In addition, you can consider about choosing two or three different color for the tile. Different color will make the path more interesting to pass.

Focus on Changing the Front Door

If you think that you don’t have space to create the narrow path to lead guest into the front door, you can focus on the front door itself. Changing the door is great idea to decorate the outdoor entrance.
house entrance doorHowever, you have to make sure that the theme is suitable with the main theme in the interior. When you are going to have minimalist theme, you can try to repaint the door with single color which is contrasted with the wall color. If the wall is white, you can try to paint the door with green or blue color. It will stand out and the guest will notice that you as homeowner has a sense of art.
Entrance doorPlaying with Tree

For those who don’t want to make the entrance door overwhelming, they can try to play with the tree. Put the high tree on the right and left side of the entrance door. Make sure that the tree is not too high since it will bother the one who want to enter the house.

Trees house entranceIn this case, you can put the tree on the ground or hanging on the wall. It depends on the type and the height of the tree that you want to use. Try to avoid choosing the tree with the large leaves. It would be better if you select the tree with narrow leaves. When you choose tree with the large leaves, your front door will be covered and unnoticed.

So, which one do you want to apply? All those ideas are easy to implement. You only need to make decision based on your preference. In addition, when you want to make such a decision, try to consider about the space that you have in your entrance. It influences how good you apply the outdoor entrance decoration ideas.