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Natural Look – Living Room Chair Covers

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Now, people don’t like to have over-decorative living space. Therefore, they prefer to bring natural look into that space by choosing natural living room chair covers. Having focused on designing and painting the wall of the living space, they don’t want to make it overwhelming. They will not forget to emerge the nuance of natural and it is done by choosing chair covers in natural color.

Actually, that is the basic idea of using natural living room chair covers. There is nothing else. Probably, you have another reason. If you are natural lovers, the chair covers in natural color are must.

Even though you have different reason unlike somebody else, one thing that should be considered most is about material. How hard you are trying to pick the best natural color for your chair covers will be useless when you fail to notice which fabric is best.

Here are three most recommended fabrics regardless the natural color that you prefer to have. What are they?


Unfortunately, cotton always dominates almost in all parts like clothes, trousers, curtains, and of course the chair covers. This fabric is usually used for many things, not to mention for the cover of the chair due to the fact that there are many advantages that you can get from this fabric.
Cotton chair coversOne of the things that you can make the most of cotton is its durability. Many people agree if cotton is a very durable fabric. It is water-resistant and stain-free. Therefore, you will be able to have new chair long time since the cotton will always make your chair look new as always.

Another advantage is that cotton can be dyed. Therefore, you should not doubt if someday you don’t like the natural color that you have already picked. You will be able to change the color or even the pattern. Sound great, isn’t it?


It is not false if vinyl is placed in second place after cotton. If you have children who like to play in the living room by sitting and walking on the chair, you should not worry about your chair cover if you decide to choose vinyl. It is such kind of cleanable fabric. Every time you find stain on the cover, you can clean it up. Therefore, you should not be angry if your children play and pour something into the chair since it can be totally cleaned.
Vinyl chair coversMicrofiber

Actually, everyone has his own definition about natural living room chair covers. Do you think that cover with zebra stripe look natural? Or you define natural as one single color which is not too flashy? If you choose the first definition, microfiber can be your correct choice. It is manmade fabric which is usually has playful pattern like zebra strip. You don’t have to ask about its durability since it is very durable. It is stain-free as well.
Microfiber chair coverSo, which one do you want to pick? Cotton, vinyl, or microfiber? In fact, when you succeed to emerge the nuance of natural in your living room, it will be a very comfortable living space to welcome your guests. And you can do it simply by choosing natural living room chair covers.