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Luxury Curtain Designs For Modern Houses

Curtains have a very important role upon the home interior. The basic function is giving privacy to the dwellers, but it is not as simple as that. Curtains also should become perfect addition. If you want to have a contemporary look, then you need to choose the supporting curtains. That also works for the other ambiances. As modern homes are very popular today, choosing curtains that match to modern homes is required. There are a lot of luxury curtain designs that can be applied specifically for modern windows. Here are the samples of curtains that can be applied for your home interior.Curtains for modern houses

Curtains for modern windows

Having modern windows apparently is full of attractive ideas, especially when you decide to choose a drape for the windows. Then, you need to have luxury curtains to function a deluxe appearance. You may choose curtains that have similar tones to walls. For instance, as modern homes usually have light colors, you a light brown curtain is preferable.Luxury curtain idea

Luxury brown curtain

As one of the luxury curtain designs, this brown curtain will be best to be incorporated in a small living room. First, we talk about the color tones. You can have entirely brown tone, starting from the color of the walls, sofas, pillows, table lamps and rugs. Combining all of those enables the room to have an indulgent appearance.Modern curtain design

The curtain should have decorative pattern in brown color. It does not need lining. The white color frame of the window lends lining-like appearance. To give a more beautiful look, the curtain needs picturesque headings. By adding more decorative pattern along the edges, the curtains become more luxurious.

Luxury white curtain

If you want most of the entire look to be light and bright, white curtain can be preferable. You can make almost transparent one, without lining. Even though there is not lining, it still gives calm touch upon the entire room. Choose the material that is light, but strong fabric. Add brown line along the edges, including the heading. It is good if you make there or five waves of headings. Even though it looks simple, the blending with dark wood windows and walls with moldings, you can create a luxury living room.Modern houses curtain

Eyelet curtains

If you want to create a luxury, contemporary look of bedroom or living room, eyelet curtains will work best for you. As one of the luxury curtain designs, eyelet curtain is a perfect addition from light to medium weight fabrics. There have also been silver rings located at the headings enabling the rod to weave through. In grey color, suiting to the wall tones, this curtain has tight stripped black lines, hanging to the ground. They can be easily hung and moved freely, so they are also good for your bedroom kids. You will need to suit it with tones of the room, such as the sofa, tables, and black pillows. With grey rug under the table and natural light floorings, you will have luxury room.Luxury curtain design

Those are some luxury curtain designs for your home. You may require some addition and need to suit them with the tones of the room, including the furniture arrangements and furnishing details.