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Living Room Lighting Ideas To Transform Into Contemporary Look

Whether you want to create a contemporary or traditional look upon your living room, lighting is highly important. Additionally, living room is not simply a place for entertaining, but also a place where you and your family spend good time together, watch TV and other activities. Living room lighting ideas can be easily found there, that will assist you to transform the living room into a great one that accommodates any activities you have solely or as a group.

Living room lighting ideas

Avoiding shadow creation

If you want to create a contemporary living room, make sure that there is not dark spot. Thus, the main light has to be properly placed. The main light can be hanging light or chandelier. You simply ensure that it is placed on a certain position where shadows are not created. The least shadow will ensure the creation of pleasant ambiance, especially if you choose modern chandelier.

Creating Spaciousness Impression

For the time being, finding lamps are quite easy. There have been a lot of kinds of lamps. If you can make the most of them, you will be able to transform the entire living room appearance as you want. For instance, your modern living room needs more space, but you only have the limited one. The good living room lighting ideas you can apply are placing those lamps on the corners of the room, shelves or sideboard. Those lamps greatly create a spacious room. Your living room will seem larger and lend completely relaxed atmosphere.

Lighting idea living room

Lightening up posters and photos

Living room must have posters and photos. You can lighten up them by the use of lamps with low-voltage. Place them on the photo frame or possibly on the wall. Photos will finally look illuminating by exposing a strong white light upon their surface.

Adding table lamps or floor lamps

Which one should be primarily added into your living room? Well, it depends. If you have a table, you can add table lamps by placing a pair of them at the end of your console table. To use them creatively, you can scatter the table lamps in several locations throughout the living room. You can split them up in pair, and then place them in different areas of your room. The lamps do not have to be the same or similar in look. Lamps that do not match each other are also usable.

Meanwhile, floor lamps are preferred when you do not have table surface. As one of the living room lighting ideas to make a contemporary look, floor lamps are preferably utilized in the corners. It prevents the lamps spending the available space and enables the distribution of light can be spread evenly.

lighting transform contemporary look

Using wall lights

Your living room will be romantic by adding more lamps. You can use wall lights without or with candles. Those kinds of lamps work best creating romantic ambiance.

Those living room lighting ideas are powerful only if you can incorporate them wisely. Besides, they do not spend a lot of space and budget. In the end, you can create a contemporary living room by applying those tips.

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