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Living Room Interior Design with Contemporary Furniture

Do you dream of having living room interior design with contemporary furniture? It is not dreaming anymore since you can make it. Most people don’t believe that they can make over their living space into contemporary style. The reason might be similar. They don’t have enough money to make it happen. Contemporary furniture is frequently simple but it is sold in expensive price. Therefore, they usually cancel to make their dream come true.

Living Room Interior Design

However, you will not be like them. You don’t need to spend too much money even break your bank account if you know how to make such incredible living room interior design with contemporary furniture.

Contemporary Fireplace

For the times being, fireplace can be divided into three types. They are ethanol burning or vent free, insert fireplace, and radiant fireplace. However, it is time for you to break the rule. Try to think out of the box.

If your living space is quite large, you can put the fireplace on the middle and make it into two-sided fireplace. The first side is for adult to have serious conversation while the other side is a place for children to play. Instead of putting the fireplace on the wall and only few people will feel warm during winter time, it would be better if the fireplace acts as divider as well.

Living Room Firrplace Design

A Wall Mounted TV

For the times being, most TVs are LED or LCD. There is no such large, big, and fat TV anymore. They are slimmer right now. Therefore, the place to put this kind of slim TV is different. You don’t need the table anymore. You can hang on the wall, instead.

It is usually wall-mounted TV. However, how can you make it great? Try to put the ornament below the TV like small box to put DVD player. If you like to watch movie at home with your friends during weekend, you can add overcast lamps on the ceiling. Therefore, the nuance is like being in the cinema.

Living Room TV Design Ideas

Medium Tone Hardwood Floors

Actually, the floor design is a key to make living room interior design with contemporary furniture. Even, your furniture will not emerge modern effect if you fail to choose correct floor design.

Medium tone hardwood floor can be chosen. Probably, you will not accept this idea. Wood is closely related with traditional design. If you think so, you have similar perception like many other people.
However, it is not few interior designers that use medium tone hardwood as floor. It is made to make balance between bright white wall as a part of minimalist and modern living room.

Living room floor design

So, are you ready to make over your living room? With the idea above, you will be able to make it not only as living space to welcome your guests, but also relaxing and entertaining space as well. In fact, by applying the idea above, you will believe that living room interior design with contemporary furniture doesn’t cost a lot.