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Living Room Design with Sofa Pillows

Pretty sofa pillows

It is common to see living room design with sofa pillows. However, with these following ideas, your living room will not be boring space. As you know, living room is a space to welcome visitors and guests. You have to make sure that they feel as comfortable as possible. They should feel like in their house that possibly makes them never think about leaving soon. And if you want to make it happen, do you know how to make it? Try to implement these three simple tips and you can see the result.

Living Room Design with Drangonfly Flower Sofa PillowsMake the Sofa Facing To The Garden

If you have already had home and you don’t have indoor garden, you should renovate your house. It doesn’t mean that you should change everything in your house. You don’t have to destroy certain walls either.
Since the focus on the living room, you can try to design the wall in the living room and change the wall into small standing garden. Ask the designer to design the wall and make it like a garden. You can hang certain different flowers in the wall. It would be better if you add tiny waterfall. According to psychologist, people feel tranquility when they live in the space that produces sound of falling water. In addition, people will see refreshing sight as well.

Living Room Design with Green Sofa PillowsPick Decorative Sofa Pillow

Besides the setting of the living room, you shouldn’t forget about the pillow. In this case, try to choose decorative pillow. In terms of them, you can match it with the dominant color of the living room paint color. For instance, if you have already painted the wall with blue color, you can pick the pillow with flower print. Color of flower and blue paint color are similar. They are flashy.

Living Room Design with Flower Sofa PillowsHowever, if you like to have minimalist design, you can choose the white pillow with black dot. However, you have to know that this kind of pillow have been picked by many homeowners.

Living Room Design Ideas with Sofa PillowsRecommended Design of the Pillow

In general, you can find two main shape of pillow for the sofa in the living room. They are rectangle and square. Which one is best? If you have small sofa, it is recommended that you pick the square-shaped pillow in small size due to the fact that it will not make it overloaded with too big pillow.
Meanwhile, it is not quite suggested to choose rectangle-shape pillow even though you have large and long sofa. It doesn’t match with the aesthetic value of the living space. However, this kind of pillow is very useful since it can put in the back to support the back and the neck while sitting on the sofa. If you want to have it, you should consider bolster in order that the guests will not slip down. And the bolster will give better lumber support as well.

Living Room Design with Modern Sofa PillowsThose are some simple tips that everybody (not to mention you) can implement. One thing that you have to remember is that any living room interior design with sofa pillows will be useless if the guest feel boring to visit your house.

Sofa Pillows Design Ideas