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Some Types of Living Room Curtains Drapes for Large Windows

Curtain always exist when it comes with interior design especially living room. It gives an appealing look only if you can choose the curtain drapes properly. Size of the windows influences what curtain drapes you need, including the required amount of light. They decide the material, color and thickness of curtain drapes. So, what choices of living room curtain drapes for large windows do you have now? The following suggestions will tell you about curtain drapes you can take into account.

Curtains for large windowPinch Pleat Curtain Drape for Classic Look

Large windows require particular treatment. For curtain, you may have to consider pinch pleat drapery if you want to create a classic look.
The drapes are pinched around 4 inches down from the tip. There is a stiffener that is sewn carefully into its respective pleat, so to perfect a long-lasting appearance. They can be lined in a lot of fabrics as well as its durability and room-darkening ability. Whatever choice you take, you need to consider the size of the window, the amount of light when the drape is closed and the budget plan. The color of drapes should compliments to the wall.
Living room curtainsRippled Fold Drape for Modern and Elegant Look

Do you want living room curtains drapes for large windows that are capable of creating a modern and elegant look? Ripple fold drape is the answer. It has a simple design and is largely preferred by interior designers and architects due to its clean lines. You can glide this drape effortlessly through the track, enabling you to operate it easily. So far, it is functional and will be a good choice for large windows in living room that are frequently used.

If you have a modern living room with a large window in the living room, then it will be your best choice.

Tailored Pleat Drape for Classical Feel

If you want a classical feel inside your living room, your large window needs tailored pleat drape. As one of the living room curtains drapes for large windows, it features a sleek waterfall pleat that will look beautiful. It is sewn by hand to make sure it has a long-lasting appearance and is functional as well. There are a lot of custom fabrics you can choose. Colors largely vary so suit it with the wall color and size of the window.

Grey living room curtainsGrommet Drape for Dramatic Look

Do you want a dramatic look? Grommet drape with deep folds will be your choice. Living room curtains drapes for large windows include this since it can compliment both modern and classical living room. It is characterized with the rod that is displayed at the tip where the hardware is inserted through large grommets. These kind of versatile grommets will look spectacular with iron or wood hardware.

Goblet Drapery for Retro Style

If you like retro style in the living room, your large windows will need goblet drape. It is really decorative, instead of functional. Dramatic pleats are uniquely handcrafted into a shape of “goblet” at the top so it is long-lasting.Curtains for living roomChoosing one of the living room curtain drapes for large windows depend on several things: amount of light, final look and the living room design. Even though it seems tricky, if you have personal taste, it will be easier for you to choose.