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Little Beach House Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen is a place where you make your daily meals, but it is where you entertain your guests, reading or gathering with your family. Thus, even though you only have a small kitchen, it needs to be designed carefully. Little beach house kitchen design ideas will become your reference when it comes to designing your kitchen. Since the space is limited, you can play with that. Furniture, doors, basins and cabinets can be arranged in a way that it looks appealing and give a warm feeling. So, what do you have to do with them? These are the examples of the design.

Wooden Sliding Door to Cut Up Space

Well, door will take up space when you choose swing door, but sliding door is effective if you have a kitchen in lengthwise direction. A sliding door put on the one corner can be a path from another room. What about the cooking area? A basin with a cabinet underneath needs to be in the same direction as the room. To create a spacious look, you can paint the wall in white and the cabinets underneath in wooden colors. Get some shelve the walls to put some stuff. One of the little beach house kitchen design ideas also includes the floor. Get some wood color for the floors as the accent.

Little Beach House Kitchen Design Ideas

L-Shaped Cabin for Tiny Kitchen

You may realize that your kitchen is a lot smaller that regular kitchen. Then, you might apply L-shaped cabin. It is best for tiny kitchen. The L-shape is for the cooking area and sink basin on the other side. You can put the window above the sink basin with a cabinet underneath. Add some drawers under the cooking area to give more space for storage. You can optimize the wall with hanging cabinets above the cooking area. Your cooking will be efficient since you do not have to walk long enough. The entire kitchen needs to in light-wood color with the use of light-wood flooring.

Little Kitchen Design Ideas

Shabby Chic Kitchen

Have you ever heard about little beach house kitchen design ideas that tell you about shabby chic kitchen? If you have not, take a look at this.

Shabby chic kitchen is referred to kitchen that has lengthwise direction with quite long width. To maximize the space, there is no door. Entering the kitchen, there is a kitchen long table for kitchen area and sink basin in L shape. Storage is added under the kitchen area. A high rise shelve is put on the left side of entrance, making it possible to store more cups or bottles. A long window is added with transparent glass enabling the sun light to enter the kitchen easily. With light wood color for the kitchen table surface and ceiling, your small kitchen will look bright.

Shabby Kitchen Design Ideas

From those three kitchen design for your beach house, it can be concluded that there are some elements that need to be considered, namely colors for furniture and walls, furniture that does not take up space and also the kitchen table. All are included into little beach house kitchen design ideas that can be easily applied for your small space.

Shabby Chic Kitchen Design Ideas