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Japanese themed ideas to create a simple bedroom

Japanese style is best known for its simple and sophisticated feature. For modern homes, this characteristics just match, especially for your bedroom. However, it may not as simple as it looks. You will need Japanese themed bedroom ideas that will lead you to create simple and sophisticated Japanese style. These ideas will help you in transforming your bedroom into a luxurious bedroom.Japanese themed bedroom

Deciding wall color scheme

When you are watching a Japanese movie that shows off traditional houses, you will see that most of them feature their earthy tones. You simply apply this for your bedroom. Neutral earthy colors will work best showing off Japanese style bedroom. The recommended options are black, brown, cream and beige.Japanese bedroom

You can begin with the walls. Simply decide one of those colors to paint the walls. You can make the most of accent colors to bring nature elements into the bedroom. You can use orange, red, green and blue as the accent colors. You can blend them with decorative accessories, linens and paintings.

Working with floorings

We cannot leave the floor bare, a cover is needed. All that you need is Tatami. You may have seen a lot on movie or documentary movie. It becomes one of the Japanese themed bedroom ideas you easily apply.Bedroom in Japanese style

As we know, tatami is a kind of traditional material that is frequently utilized to cover the floors. As the material of tatami mat is rice straw, walking with bare feet on it is very comfortable, enabling you to feel traditional Japanese bedroom in the ancient times.

Choosing Proper Furnishings

When it comes to the furniture, you need to something that is close to the floor, just like Japanese culture. Thus, you need to choose the bed that reflects Japanese style, namely the one that has the lowest height. To beautify the entire look, you can complement with futon mattress that is put directly on the floor next to the bed. With addition of bamboo dresser, bedroom in Japanese style should fail if you let clutters everywhere. Thus, avoid them as they are merely destructive elements towards the theme.Japanese style bedroom

Sliding doors

All Japanese homes have these kinds of doors. Sliding doors are the most necessary element and will be your ultimate Japanese themed bedroom ideas. You do not have to choose the traditional sliding doors that are created from wooden frame with fine translucent paper inside. There have been modern sliding doors that are currently made of glass panels.

Adding more decorative accessories

You need more details to complement the existing elements. That will work best to lend a Japanese style is decorative accessories. Make sure they match with the natural colors and earthy tones. Thus, you may opt natural materials like wood, rice paper or bamboo. If you have a bench inside the bedroom, give cushions and silk pillows. Lantern from rice paper can beautifully hung in the centre of the ceiling and silk curtains are preferable for the windows.

All in all, Japanese themed bedroom ideas include several things, from the main features, like beds, walls, flooring, and colors, including the details such as decorative accessories. By blending them, you can have a Japanese styled bedroom.Modern Japanese bedroom