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Winter is Coming? Probably You Must Learn how to Prepare your Pool for Winter Season

Probably, you don’t have any idea about how to prepare your pool for winter season. Nevertheless, do have any idea why you should concern about your pool when winter season is coming? If you love to make your body refresh during summer by swimming in the pool, you will not let winter destroy your pool, right? Therefore, it is better for you to spare your time and understand why you should prepare for winter, exactly to protect your pool from unexpected thing that possibly occur.

The Answer Why and How to Prepare your Pool for Winter Season

Those two questions about why and how to prepare pool when winter is coming should be answered one by one. First, you have to get the answer why you have to take care of your pool for winter.

Don’t you know that your pool could be damaged due to frozen water? When your area has extreme winter, it is not impossible that the frozen water can damage the floor and the wall of the pool. Indeed, you have money to fix it after winter. However, it might cost a lot. In addition, it takes time. Therefore, you can use the pool right away when winter is gone.

snow covered swimming pool

In addition, winter is the most waited season by algae since it can grow up fast during this season. Your swimming pool turns to be like the river in the forest which is full of green algae. Indeed, you will not have passion to splashing yourself and swim on it, right? Your pool will look very dirty and disgusting.
So, do you still consider winter season as trivial? Absolutely not. Therefore, you have to understand and apply the tips below about how to prepare your pool for winter season.

Easy Ways that You Can Do to Protect the Pool during Winter Season

The pool need protection before winter is coming in order that you can use it right away when the weather turns to be warm after winter goes away.

First of all, clean the pool and the filter. It could be the first and the easiest think that you can to give protection for your pool during winter. Make sure that you clean the wall and the floor of the pool. You can use vacuum to clean up the pool thoroughly. Meanwhile, you should be careful when cleaning the filter. If you miss though one spot of grease or oil on it, it will harden over winter.
Prepare pool for winterBesides, test the pool and make its pH balance between 7.4 and 7.6. Test is required, in this case. When the pool’s pH doesn’t balance, you need to give treatment in order that the pool has correct level of pH. The last but least, you need to prepare a wide fabric to cover up the pool. Do the previous tips but never leave this last tip behind. Actually, it is the last thing that you can do on how to prepare your pool for winter season.