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How to Install Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Circuit

There are some steps you can follow when you are about to install the kitchen cabinet lighting circuit. As we all know, the space under our overhead kitchen cabinet is used as our workspace, where we start preparing and then processing the food. Thus, the under cabinet lighting is installed to provide perfect targeted lights so we can read the recipe and see the ingredients as well as food clearly. There are many kitchen cabinet lighting options you can choose. As for this, we prefer the low voltage lighting.Kitchen cabinet lighting

Why low voltage lighting is used is the way it can help building the ambience in your kitchen through its soft lights. You can start preparing the kitchen cabinet lighting circuit by purchasing the low voltage cabinet light set which includes everything you need: the transformer, lights, lamps, cables, and fittings. Yet, it is important to note that kitchen cabinet lighting wiring and installation should be done based on regulations established by your local authorities.Cabinet lighting idea

Then, you must start installing your kitchen cabinet lighting circuit from planning first. You must arrange the lights and transformer before working on the under-cabinet lighting installation. It will be a good idea for you to place the transformer on top of wall for easier access while keeping it hidden. Make sure you switch power supply off and remove the fuse for lighting circuit.Kitchen cabinet lighting circuit

When you have done with planning, you can start installing the kitchen cabinet lighting circuit. As the transformer is mounted, you can run the cables for every light. Secure the end of connecting cable using strong tape then take it back down. Do this step for every cable to keep them secured in place. Then, you can follow instructions for connecting cables to transformer. Last, you can place the fuse back to the circuit, switch the power on, and test the lighting.

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