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How to Choose Entrance Gate Design

Have you ever been asked by someone why you have to consider most about how to choose entrance gate design? And what is your answer, anyway? In fact, only few people have answer even though there is no exactly correct answer. Everybody has their own answer. However, having reading review about how important the entrance gate design, you will really understand the logical reason why you have to concern about the design of your entrance gate.
Metal entrance gate designEntrance Gate Design Determine How Your House Will Be

Do you believe something metaphysic? It is not about religion that you follow. It is more about metaphysic that can be explained logically. Chinese believe in feng shui. They believe that everything has to be follow feng shui since it determines anything. On the other side, if they follow the feng shui, any buildings can be like what they expect. Therefore, it is better to take it seriously about how to choose entrance gate design.

In this case, Chinese believe that the color of the entrance gate should be based on the direction. They differentiate colors into five elements; fire, wood, earth, water, and metal. Fire colors like red, orange, and yellow are color for the entrance facing to the south. Wood color like green is a color if you have entrance gate facing to the east. Water color belongs to northern element. Water colors are deep blue and black. Earth is element for southwest and northwest like brown and terracotta orange.
White entrance gate designSo, in which direction is your entrance gate? At least, you have idea about color of the gate when you think about how to choose entrance gate design.

Entrance Door Design

Besides the color, you also need to consider about the design of the entrance door. You have two choices. First is inward door and second is outward door. Which one do you expect more? In this case, you shouldn’t choose solely based on your preference, but also function and purpose.
Chinese prefer to have inward door since it is a sign of welcoming. The gate seems to send welcoming sign for the guest. In addition, they regard inward door as chi-energy, unlike outward door which means that you have to push it away.
Entrance gate ideaMoreover, it is better that you install the entrance door in wide size. It is one of the most essential parts related to tips about how to choose entrance gate design. It is important to make sure that your house doesn’t look small and cramped. Even though your house is wide enough, it looks cramped and less comfortable from the front house point of view if entrance gate has such a small door.

Entrance Rug

Rug seems to be trivial. It is located on the floor which is less visible. However, don’t you know that rug determine how your entrance gate design looks like? You might have already picked the color of the gate and the entrance door design as well. However, never forget about the rug. It comes in various shapes. Rectangular and square rug shapes are highly recommended if your house is facing to the east.
Entrance rug design
Meanwhile, round rug shape is best for the entrance gate facing to the south.

So, are you ready to make your house look comfortable when people see it from the front side of your house? Now, everybody knows how important it is about how to choose entrance gate design.