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House modern ceiling design ideas to create a simple look

modern ceiling

Ceiling is basically used to hold off the cold weather or heat of the sun, but for the time being, leaving ceiling without decoration is utterly impossible. Ceiling gives aesthetic feature towards the entire room, particularly for modern house. Thus, house modern ceiling design is required as reference before you come with decorating the ceiling. As modern house usually features simplicity, here you will be given some ideas that you can apply for your ceiling to support the look of modern home.

Following-roof-shape ceiling design

This might be the easiest thing you can apply for your house. You simply create a ceiling that follows the shape of the roof. You do not have to add more detail or trims. Something to take your consideration is that color of your walls. Ensure that the color of the walls match and support the entire look. For instance, you can paint the entire look in whites. Even it is completely white, each edge will be clearly defined with single hanging lamp on the roof. This design might work for average-sized living room in lengthwise direction.

Modern idea for ceiling

Gypsum ceiling design

Having a modern house is not lack of house modern ceiling design. To give its simplicity, you can work with gypsum for your large living room. With dark color wall on one side, and light neutral color on the other side, the ceiling looks great in its light colors. The gypsum shows off clearly, showing simple trims in usual shapes. You can maximize the gypsum by creating a large rectangular shape on the middle of the room. Create stripped lines with gypsum. In right the middle, a candle light is beautifully hung, giving an elegant look towards your living room. You may require adding sofas, wall arts, and some low cabinets to support the entire look.

Modern ceiling design ideas

Coffered Ceiling Living Room

Ceiling is actually not difficult to design. You can use simple trick, like the use of coffer, an ornamental sunken panel in a ceiling. The sunken panels are just in square shape where on each panel, there is a lamp. It seems there is no something special about the sunken panels, but the white colors. Indeed, it will be a great combination when sunken panels are mixed with dark color walls, grey color furniture and an orange single sofa on the corner of the room. It looks simple, but lends comfy towards anyone who steps into the room.

Ceiling design ideas

Hardwood Ceiling

Wood gives an old traditional look, but when you smartly combine with other aspects, hardwood gives a simple and modern look. You can apply hardwood for your ceiling of family room. Dark brown hardwood has to be glossed to enable a beautiful look even with dust sticks to it. It becomes a perfect combination with walls in neutral colors, dark brown floorings, neutral color rug and sofas.

Hardwood ceiling idea

By giving a different but simple touch, your ceiling will look different. However, house modern ceiling design is not mere aspect you need to do when you plan to design your modern house. Some combinations of furniture, wall colors, and some details are required to enable a simple look.

Wooden ceiling ideas