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Homemade New Year’s Decoration Ideas

Homemade New Years decoration

When Christmas is over, you have to think about homemade New Year’s decoration ideas.

Unfortunately, many people don’t pay attention to it since they usually have a plan to spend New Year out of town. So, they think that they don’t need to decorate their house to welcome New Year.

Indeed, that idea is acceptable. However, don t you want to make this New Year different? Try to make it really different by spending the time at home with family. It would be better if you invite relatives to have dinner together while welcoming New Year. It must be fun instead of spending much money out of the house.

However, you have to decorate your house with New Year decoration order that all people coming to your house can feel that they are going to say good bye to the “old” year and welcome “new” year. So, how will you change your house and decorate it with New Year decoration? Here are some ideas that you can try.

Make Origami Star Ornament

You shouldn’t be talented person to make origami star ornament. Even, you don’t need to attend art or handcraft class in order that you can create this ornament. They only thing that you have to do is watching video tutorial on how to make origami star ornament. You can watch that video on Youtube.
New Years decoration ideasThis one will light up your house. Yet, it is simple and easy to make. It will not break your bank account since you only need to buy papers and scissors. Possibly, you can consider buying sparkling and colorful papers. When you have already made some, you can put them on the wall or hang them on the roof.
New Years origami treeGiant Confetti

Do you have kids and you want to invite them to join with you decorating the house? Creating giant confetti and stick it on the wall will be nice idea. It is extremely easy to make even for your kids. They only need to make circles in different sizes. Then, they use glue in order that it can be stuck on the wall.
In this case, the papers should be in various colors. Moreover, make sure that color of papers contrasts with the color of the wall.
New Years decor ideaCreating Your Own Party Hats

It is easy to find seller on the street selling accessories related to New Year like hats. It is like witch hats but the color is not black. The form is just like hat belonging to the witch.
New Years party decorationHowever, it will be great if you make your own hat. It will save your money and the guests will be pleased to wear it since it is made by yourself. They will appreciate effort that you have done to make New Year party at home.
New Years party ideaHopefully, those ideas above can be considered when you are going to decorate your house to welcome New Year or even hold New Year party. You can use all of those homemade New Year’s decoration ideas as well.