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Great Furniture Solution – Breakfast Bar in Small Kitchen

Now, you don’t have to worry about having small kitchen since you will get great furniture solution – breakfast bar in small kitchen. You will not hear annoying words like “cramped”, “uncomfortable”, or “overcrowded.” Even, you don’t have to worry about having a lot of appliances in the kitchen. As far as the appliance is useful and required, you can buy and keep it in your small kitchen without worrying about how to make nice place to have breakfast together with whole family.
Breakfast bar ideaImportant Keys for Small Kitchen

From now on, you should banish judgment that small kitchen is a real problem. You cannot have meal together or invite people to join breakfast during weekend. The following tips will make you sure that it doesn’t mean you don’t have such a comfortable place for breakfast in the small kitchen.

First thing first. Make sure that there is no border between cooking area and dining room. You want to make one small area (kitchen) as a place for cooking and having meal, don’t you? Therefore, forget about creating boarder like a big wall to divide dining and kitchen. If you want to that kind of boarder, you can create a wall in which the height is not about your chest.
Breakfast BarHowever, it is strongly recommended that you erase the boarder even though it is not high. It would be better if the kitchen stuffs like stoves and the cabinet are right on the wall while the center is a space for breakfast. In this case, you can put quite high table like a bar and chairs.

The most important thing is the light. Any small area will be very cramped and uncomfortable if there is no natural light coming into the room. Therefore, it is good to make a big wall made of glass in order that the sunlight is able to penetrate and enlighten the kitchen. Blocking the small kitchen with the wall only makes it much smaller.
Small Breakfast BarIf you think that the idea is too ordinary, you can try to put the table just facing into the kitchen. So, the table is not located in the center, but as a border between the kitchen and another room. Nevertheless, probably you will not have sufficient large table to serve breakfast for many people.

Something that You shouldn’t Do for your Small Kitchen

People usually think that they only need to apply the current idea and trend in order to make it great and wonderful. In fact, you will spend much money and make your kitchen much more cramped. Current furniture usually eats up space. It would be better if you use regular stuffs like hanging cabinet, bar, and small chairs.
Small kitchen barProbably, the thing that you should put as consideration is the lighting. In this case, you have to know that there are various types of lighting, such as illumination, accent, and task lighting. By putting the correct lighting in right place, you can say goodbye with your cramped and uncomfortable kitchen. You will be able to enjoy the meal in such nice breakfast bar in small kitchen.
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