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Great Decor Idea – Homemade Picture Collage with Wooden Letters

Home Decorating with Picture & Wooden Letters

Decorating home can be done in many ways. One of the best ways to do this is by sharing our beautiful memories to other families or guests. To share the memories in such beautiful but inexpensive way, you simply use picture collage. Now, if you are lack of ideas about this, this is great decor idea – homemade picture collage that you can use to decorate your walls. You need to make it different so instead of just putting them on the walls, you can use large wooden letters where you put the photos on. The explanation below will be about how to create homemade picture collage to decorate your walls.

Choose Letters

Basically, you have unlimited choices of what letters you want to use. However, you may use letters that have association with the events or photos you want use. For instance, you can letters that spell your daughter’s or son’s name, or anything that have emotional relationship with the photos.

Homemade Picture Collage Ideas

Get Anything Prepared

What you need to do to begin are wooden letters (after you decide), mod podge, scissors, paintbrush and copies of photos. You may use black and white photos to make collage. They look different and touching everyone who sees them.

Wooden Letter Collage Picture Ideas

Beforehand, the edges and the back of the letters have to be painted to create finished look. You can choose a black sharpie on the edges.

Get Your Photos

Black-and-white color is optional. It is also okay to have colorful photos for collage. Select the photos and copy them. You had better not directly print the photos from the computer. Instead, you can make the real copy by the use of a copier. Using computer will turn photos into green after being decoupage. Laser printer is best used.

Home Decor Idea with Wooden Letter Collage Picture

Shaping and Trimming the Photos

Using letter is a great decor idea – homemade picture collage and after you do all those steps, you need now to shape and trim the photos to fit the letters. First, you have decide where you place your photos and make a crease in the paper so the shape of the letters will match precisely. You can use this crease in trimming the photos.

Home Decor Idea with Picture Letters

Applying Mod Podge

Beforehand, it is important to decide the photos’ placement and the overlapping photos have to be alert on. After you have done those steps, you can work with your Mod Podge. This step is similar to working a puzzle.

Photos need to be arranged based on your personal preferences, so you had better have idea about the arrangement. Get sufficient Mod Podge to the letter for each photo. Then, you can apply Mod Podge to the prepared letter and add your photo. You have to completely smooth the photo and utilize a straight edge to come up with any air bubbles.

Adding More Photos

Once you do that in proper way, you will be able to continue adding more photos. You have to be alert on the placement and overlapping photos. After you attached all photos, dry them for around a half hour and brush Mod Podge over the entire photos.

Home Decor Ideas with Picture

Finally, you finished applying this great decor and home decorating ideas with homemade picture collage. Use those letters to decorate your rooms or in party or celebration. Photo collage will be a focal point and you will find that the guests love looking at those photos.