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Three Beginning Steps of Small House Garden Design for Summer

Small house garden design for summer is all what you need when it comes to garden with limited space. Particular design is capable of transforming your small-scale space into a stylish urban garden, allowing you to have a beautiful garden for this summer. To do this, you’ve got some tips to design your small house garden. It is all about making the most of the available space and turning the garden into a breezy summer one.
Small garden design
Use Containers, Maximize the Space

Since you have small garden, the space is limited so you need something to grow the plants and flowers. Containers will be great to grow the plants. You can design the containers in such way so that the space is open. You can use raised beds to create sufficient growing space for your plants and vertical gardens and hanging baskets also would do. If both your budget and space are equally limited, you can choose wooden pallets that are utilized for shipping. It will be great to create vertical gardens to grow plants that are smaller and shallow rooted.
Garden design for summerSummer is very hot. For those living in warm or wet regions, it will be no problems of what type of containers you use for pots. However, for those living in hot or dry regions, you need to do something different for your small house garden design for summer. When a plot of soil is not available, you can use plastic pots. They will be equally decorative to terra cotta or ceramic pots. But, the ones holding moisture a lot better is plastic pots that become the best containers for those living in dry regions.

Choose Proper Plants

Since it will be around small house garden design for summer, the plants you are going to grow at the garden are different from the ones you grow in different season. You have to take into account the moisture, day length and humidity in your regions. Some plants may grow well but the others may not. Remember also the available space you have. For tips, you may choose a philadelphus but if you think it grows too large, you can choose Rosa Margaret Merril. It has 1.5 m tall and 1 m wide. It gives scent and color in your summer. The blooms will be helpful in the process of small garden design for summer. Some other choices include Aquilegia x hyrbida “Green Apples”, Aruncus dioicus, Lupinus ‘Noble Maiden and white Campanula latifolia.
Summer garden designSoil and Watering Systems

Watering system is important for plants to grow well especially in summer with lack of water. However, before that, you need to make sure that the soil you put in the containers has enough nutrients like nitrogen. Too much of it causes the leaves grow excessively that may impact to the flowers or fruits.

Watering system gardenWatering system has to allow the plants to get enough water. It does not mean in excess number, however. Planting fruits or flowers need different amount of water. So, make sure the plants get sufficient water.

All in all, you will have to prepare several things before beginning to have small house garden design for summer. Always consider the available space before you start to design your garden.