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Four Simple Backyard Design Ideas for Busy People

Backyard designing may take time and it becomes the primary problems for those having a lot of activities throughout the day. However, it is not impossible for them to do this if they refer to backyard design ideas for busy people. The following ideas are all about them, that busy people possibly do to modify the look of the backyard. Look at these simple and functional ideas if you want to have an inviting and attractive backyard.

Foliage Garden

Also known as flowerless garden, foliage garden does not show off flowers to attract people. It means that flowers are not the only ways to transform your backyard. If we look at the woodland garden during summer, all that you see is the leafy things without flowers. Ferns will be eye-catching and inviting. Besides, since you do not grow flowers, it will be a lot easier to take care of them. With your tight schedule, foliage garden will be one of the best backyard design ideas for busy people.

Backyard Foliage Design

Outdoor-Furniture Garden

Depending on the available space, adding outdoor furniture is best to attract visitors. Spending a lot of time at the backyard will be fascinating. If you have a small backyard, work with the space. You can make a small path heading to the furniture or get some tall vase/pot to grow the plants. Get Outdoor furniture sets, hammocks and built-in seating areas will add coolness.

Outdoor Furniture Garden

So far, it will fit into small landscaping. You can grow some different plants with or without flowers. Choose plants that you like and are easy to maintain so you are bothered with your current schedule. Add bright cushions and garden decorations to make your backyard more inviting.

Bonsai Garden

If you want to create a Japan look at your backyard, why don’t you have bonsai garden? Its concept is originally from Japan. It is called bonsai due to the miniature plants. Basically, any plants can be created into bonsai. You just stunt their growth than normal in such beautiful way, forming a unique look. It is rare to see bonsai so surely, it will attract people. As one of the backyard design ideas for busy people, you can choose plants that grow slowly since you may have to do special care to do this. With your tight schedule, those with gardening hobbies are best to apply this bonsai garden.

Backyard Bonsai Garden Ideas

Kid-Friendly Garden

If you live with your children, you may have to think about garden that provides playground. Then, kid-friendly garden might become one of the best choices. Depending on the space, you may add palm trees and green plants that have large green leaves. The space has to be open and grow the plants and trees in a secluded area where children are difficult to access them. It will protect them from any accident and plant damage. You can form the garden into a particular shape so that children can play around. Bamboo trees and creeping plants are good choices as decoration.

Backyard Kid Friendly Design

Those are four backyard design ideas for busy people. Look at your garden now and refer to those ideas and apply one of them that fit to your garden space and shape. Even though you have a lot of things to do throughout the day, maintaining your garden will not be a problem.