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Easy And Simple Living Room Ideas For Small Spaces

For the time being, a lot houses only have a small space, especially living room. Modern homes are quite popular with the sky-rocketing price of property. However, small space will not be a hindrance to design the interior. There have been a lot of living room ideas for small spaces that easily applied without requiring a lot of budget. These ideas will enable you to create your living room seem larger and clean. Here are tricks you can make the most of for your living room.

Living room ideas for small spaces

Creating a visually larger room

Small space can be maximized by creating an illusion so the room becomes visually larger. Mirrors are best used, blended with wallpapers on the walls. You place the mirror opposite to the windows. Only then, the light can be reflected on the mirrors, giving an outside view. This simple idea will make an impression of an extra window.

Simple living room ideas for small spaces

Free clutter look

Small space with clutters will destroy everything. Thus, you need to stay away from clutters. Transparent table is a good addition to make the living room seem uncluttered. Thus, it is important to choose furnishings as minimal as possible to make it free of clutters. Neutral colors can be incorporated on this. It results an elegant living room and gives a personal touch.

Choosing large sofa

A lot of people may never prefer this one, but large sofa may match to your small living room. This might be the best living room ideas for small spaces. However, the large sofa needs to have simple and clean lines and light colors. Only then, it can work in your small space.

Easy living room ideas for small spaces

Working the way up

Now, you look at the walls. You will have a space there. When you see the height, your small living room will feel bigger. Walls can be a potential space to decorate. To begin, the window treatments can be mounted to create the window occur grand. Photographs are also smart choices. You need some of them and place them on the walls, reaching up to your ceiling.

Adding integrated storage

Each living room, despite its small space, will still need storage. However, you should not choose stand alone storage, instead built in storage becomes a great option. You can integrate it with sofa, or ottoman.  Storage enables you to keep some stuff without spending the existing space.

Living room ideas

Adding more details

Each furnishing plays its role to give a clean and simple look upon the living room. For instance, if you have a fireplace or ceiling, you can make the most of them. By a simple decorative treatment, ceiling and fireplace can work for you. Ceiling is something that all easily ignore, but by hanging an eye-catching chandelier, you can get anyone’s attention that gets into the room. You can take advantage of curtains that spotlights their size and shape.

Small living is not lack of ideas. You can apply those living room ideas for small spaces in order that your living room looks simple and clean, and seems larger. Without worrying about your current budget, you can still have your desired living room.