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Decorating Ideas For Narrow Living Rooms By Furniture Arrangement

Decorating living room needs particular ideas. Small space and narrow space do not seem different, but they are basically different. For those who have narrow living room, decorating is more challenging to prevent tunnel effect. Fortunately, the ideas are plenty and you can use them to apply to your living room. The following decorating ideas for narrow living rooms will help you a lot in arranging furniture and utilizing space in order to be a cozy living room.Decorating living room

Working with Separation

You’ve got a lot of opportunities in decorating your living room, and one of the easiest ways is by separating the space. The long space should be divided into several parts by taking into account the required space for its part. However, it is important to create a tunnel that requires you to walk long enough to get one area to another.

This path ease everyone to access each area. Path avoids tripping over the furniture and turning over. In order to make a more comfortable ambiance, you had better create this path on each side for the room, rather than in the middle. This path does not have to be large. You don’t have a large living room, so 16 inch path will be sufficient as “walk through” even when you have to rush.

So, how to define your seating area if there is no clear separation? Look on the floors and walls, and the idea is just so simple. You can use paintings or rugs to create a defined separation between the spaces, particularly for seating area. Additionally, you can apply a large mirror that is placed above a console to separate a different area and define it. There is no rule to use the same or different rugs. You simply need your own preference by considering the entire look you want to create.

Moving unnecessary outletNarrow living room decor

Everything in the living room must be furniture and furnishings that you love. That is why it is not often that TV becomes a hindrance for someone to apply decorating ideas for narrow living space. Well, you had better not be trapped in this situation. When it comes designing a comfortable living room, you might begin to think about moving one outlet that is not really necessary. You need to plan a bigger thing in the future when considering which outlet you should move in advance.Narrow living room design

What you merely require is outlets that are really necessary. Thus, you need to be efficient when choosing the right outlet, by considering their sizes, numbers and motives. Any small pieces that are wrongly managed may create havoc.

Maximizing vertical area

Narrow space seems like a tunnel, the further you look, it is getting narrow and lower. To overcome this, you simply make an illusion of height. It can be realized by utilizing tall pieces such as high bookshelves or armoires. Otherwise, photo and painting arrangements can be created in such a way so they go the way to the ceilings. By maximizing the vertical area, you can draw each eye upwards, taking mind of everyone who gets into the living room.

Now, you’ve got several useful and practical decorating ideas for narrow living rooms. Only if they are applied properly, you can have eye-catching and cozy living room. Narrow living room idea