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Decorating Ideas for an Apartment Bathroom

apartment bathroom

These decoration ideas for an apartment bathroom will make sure that you don’t have to move to another bigger apartment in order to have more comfortable bathroom. Even, those who have bigger apartment apply the idea to make every room effective in design and decoration.

So, let’s check out what you can do for your apartment bathroom. Don’t even think about moving to other bigger apartment. Try these ideas and you will see that it is not false to pick small apartment.

Placing Shelf

Indeed, you need to have a shelf in order that all stuffs for taking a bath like shampoo, soap, tooth paste, tooth paste, and the others can be put in place. When you succeed to make them in place, you will not make your bathroom cramped.
Bathroom designIn order to avoid cramped small apartment bathroom, you need to put the shelf above the sink. It will be truly effective. It doesn’t eat up the space but at the same time you can place any stuffs on it.

In addition, you can also consider about putting the shelf with different levels. Therefore, the shelf can accommodate a lot of stuffs. The long one can be put on the highest level of the shelf. Meanwhile, soap can be put on the shelf in the low level.

Put the Cabinet on the Right Spot

One of the most effective ideas for an apartment bathroom is considering about the space above the toilet. You don’t want to make it useless, do you? Therefore, consider about putting the cabinet on the space above the toilet. It can be a place to put the reading material or toiletries.
Bathroom Cabinets DesignHanging Racks

You can take a look at modern hotels now in which they have hanging racks on the bathroom as a place to hang the towel, for instance. In this case, you can adopt it. You can create it on the door of the bathroom when you don’t have space anymore to put the special cabinet to put the towel.
Bathroom Towel ShelvesPutting the Big Glass

Do you have small bathroom in your apartment? You shouldn’t worry about it. Even now, small bathroom becomes trend. Apartment owners like to put the big semi transparent glass to divide between bathroom and possibly bedroom. It is best solution in order that bathroom doesn’t look small and cramped.
Bathroom mirrorIn this case, you have to make sure that the glass is quite thick and strong in order that it is hard to break. In terms of transparent, you can pick either transparent or semi transparent. It is up to you.

Those are some design ideas that you can apply for your small bathroom in the apartment. In short, there is no way to neglect and even move to the other apartment. Small is not a big problem. When you know how to give small touch for your bathroom, you will make it incredible.

Try to apply one of suggested feature or design above. Then try the others. You will find that these decorating ideas for an apartment bathroom do work.