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Contemporary Pink And Black Room Design For Girls

Do you have a daughter and still wonder the room design for her? If you do, it is precious to consider pink and black room design. It looks unusual, but when you choose the proper proportion of this combination, you can create a contemporary room. Pink looks very sweet and black looks bold, but when they are combined, the entire appearance will be either too dark or girly. You can have this by adding more accessories and utilizing the colors to get a room as your daughter wants.

Contemporary pink black roomWall paintings

Walls are the first thing that your daughter looks when she gets into her room. We need to make her amused by playing the color tones. Pink and black will work excellently to give shining look. You can paint the walls with soft-pink colors to make it seem feminine, and to create a French style when becoming a backdrop.

If you want to a more girly room, bright pink should be preferable. Painting the walls with bright pink will enable the room to look expensive. Now, you can play the black colors. Ask your child first what style she wants. If she loves urban style, you can paint the walls behind the bed in black color, and choose soft pink or pale grey to paint the other three walls. Those colors will create a perfect combination, depending on your daughter preference.


Adding furniture

The idea of pink and black room design for furniture depends on your daughter. If she loves urban style, you may consider furniture in black colors with color trim. If you want to create a more feminine look, you had better choose wooden furniture with medium tone.

Pink girls roomDecorating floors and windows

Carpet is often preferred if warmth is what we want, and softness when we like to walk on bare feet. However, when combining it with black and pink, you had better choose darker pink carpet. Your daughter may have a lot of activities outside so we need to make sure the stains and dirt do not stick to the carpet. If the room is pink and black color, light gray should become your choice.

For the windows, add curtains or shades to give privacy and personality. To define feminine style, it will work best with ruffled curtains in pink colors, but for any style room, white curtains are the best choices.

Pink black room design

Adding accessories

In pink and black room design, accessories are highly required. Ask your daughter and she will have a lot of ideas about accessories. However, you can give her ideas like the use of posters. Hang them on the walls with pictures of your daughter’s favorite actors, musicians, or anime characters. Your daughter usually has a lot of stuff about those items and whatever poster she wants, it works best with black and pink color. Add bedside table lamp in bright pink color and black alarm clock to perfect the style of the room.Pink black room idea

Pink black baby room

Your daughter may have many ideas in her mind, but she still needs parents to realize what she wants. You can help her to make her preference by giving consideration for pink and black room design.

Contemporary design for girls