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Comfortable Clothes Storage Solution – Wardrobe with Drawers

There are a lot of options in terms of comfortable clothes storage solution – wardrobe with drawers. Forget about purchasing too many furniture. It will block fresh air circulation even if the space of the room is not quite spacious. Besides it is not good for your savings, it is not good for your health either. So, the solution to eliminate furniture is purchasing comfortable wardrobe with drawer.

However, you need to hold on for a second. Try to find out the options patiently since there are various wardrobes with drawer. In fact, those different kinds of wardrobes don’t have quite different function. It is similar. The main focus is to give different experience to the buyer in style.
Wooden wardrobe with drawersNow, homeowners pick the furniture is not only because of function, but also style. Besides the wardrobe with drawer is able to make your space breath because there are not too many furniture, it is to beautify the design of the room as well. Now, you need to know review of each type.

Wardrobe with Single Drawer

Possibly, it is the most conventional type of wardrobe provided with drawer. Usually, this single drawer is put below the door. Therefore, the wardrobe has usual two doors while the part in below the doors is drawer.
One drawer wardrobe
Since there is only one drawer, it is quite big and spacious to keep clothes that you rarely use, for instance. However, it is not quite recommended that you put your expensive jewelry on it because it is not quite secured. The wardrobe with drawer inside is the most recommended one.

Wardrobe with Double Drawer

From the outside, this one is more stylish than the previous one. However, the function is not quite different. The space is not large enough unlike the single drawer. Usually, this is a place to put thin clothes, wrist watch, cellphone, accessories and the other tiny items. You can pick the wardrobe in which the drawer is put in right and left side or up and bottom. It is free to choose just according to your taste.
White wardrobe with two drawers
Wardrobe with two drawersWardrobe with Drawer Inside

It is the most recommended one. At least there are two reasons why this is best one. First, it is more secured. The drawers are located inside of the cupboard. Therefore, you have to pass two lock to access the drawer; the door and the drawer itself. You can put expensive jewelry on it.

wardrobe with drawers insideSecond, it will make the space of wardrobe more useful. It is common to see that the wardrobe has empty space due to different length of dress. Therefore, if there are drawers, the space will be more beneficial. Moreover, you will not see it as cramped and untidy wardrobe when you open it.

Sure there are still many other types of wardrobe with drawer. Style keeps changing based on the users demand. In future, the drawer might be improved in size, style, number, and location. Again, comfortable clothes storage solution – wardrobe with drawers is based on the users’ necessity.

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