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Combined Kitchen And Living Room Designs By Optimizing The Space

Combined kitchen and living room designs are particularly required for small space homes. By combining these two rooms, the outcome look will be a little bit different. The lay out, lighting and storage areas are clearly seen. By making the dining area as close as possible to the kitchen, combining kitchen and living room can be successfully done. However, it is not simply eliminating the wall between the spaces. Designing more than one room requires special addition in colors and furniture. Thus, homeowners will need more designs for their rooms.Living room design

Cole Valley Hillside

This design is specifically excellent for smaller area. The primary look is on the kitchen cabinets. Special woods with bright color are preferred. The colors combination and the light feel seem dominate the whole look. Additionally, the layout of the kitchen and the book shelves are created in the same tone of color. The color cabinets are natural and give light feel.Modern combined living room kitchen

Three rooms combined

Combined kitchen and living room designs might be about two rooms. But, it may not be often to have dining tables that can be clearly seen from the living room. The lay out flow is from the kitchen into the living room. It is just perfect especially for a home with limited space. Overall, it looks simple with the simple cabinetry and kitchen skylight. Considering the low roof with brown kitchen cabinet and floor with wooden color, the final combinations will be completely different.Combined living room kitchen

A combination with fireplace

The marble fireplace that is displayed at one end and with large seating area can be a perfect addition of your home. The kitchen, dining as well as living room are together in one area. This combination requires a lot of windows.

Special Design for 18’x20′ Available Space

For homes with relatively low ceiling height, they can combine the kitchen and living room. By adding sofas as the separation between the rooms, the combo will have a beautiful lay out. The kitchen table has sleek design in grey color, as well as the color of flooring. The use of carpet for flooring makes living room and kitchen is clearly separated but without a wall. It adds dining table in the corner next to the kitchen table and gets large glass windows in the front side.

Living room and kitchen

 Flat ceiling combo

The flat ceiling is even the most attractive look for this combination. As one of the combined kitchen and living designs, this design emphasizes on wooden color flooring. Overall, it looks vast with table, dining table and kitchen flow. The large doors enable the breeze to flow into the room. It uses white flat sofas with circular table. Sitting on the living room may hardly see the kitchen on the corner with dining table as the separation.

Combined kitchen living room

A detail design of combination between living room and kitchen may have to be added by the owner. The flooring, kitchen cabinet, dining table, dining table need to be added according to the mood of the owner. In the end, the combinations will be one of the beautiful combined kitchen and living room designs.