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Design and decorating a bathroom is a tough task. Read the following tips to turn this usually mundane space in your home into another classic and elegant part like the rest of your place. Here are bathroom interior design ideas and tips with inspiration pictures gallery by

• Now, in most of the houses bathroom is a comparatively smaller area. Hence to create an illusion of a bigger space, add a big piece of mirror covering almost an entire side of a wall. This will not only help your bathroom to look more spacious but also magnify its glamour.
• Using a shade of white will give your bathroom a very calming feel. You can spice it up with some pretty colorful rugs, mats, and storage units but keep in mind not to overdo it.
• Get a decorative shelf for hanging your towels. It is a small piece that can make a huge difference.
• Do not under estimate the role the lighting can play. Never allow your bathroom to be a dimly lit area.

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