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Decoration Ideas for Apartment

Decorating an apartment is a bit of a challenge in itself due to the limited availability of space. brings you perfect apartment design, furniture and decorating ideas to give your place a grand look.

• Light wall colors always make a small room look more airy and open. Hence, do not indulge yourself in too intense colors and opting for pastel shades would be better.
• A big mirror can always create a difference. It creates an illusion of space and at the same time it will make the room much brighter by reflecting the light.
• Floating shelves are a very good way to display your collectibles and antiques without making the apartment look cramped.
• Do not let the corners be left unused. Put a metallic lampshade or a small plant to embellish your apartment.
• Match the color of your curtains to the color of the walls and go for less bulky furniture’s. A glass table is always better than a wooden one in such cases.