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Bright Loft Bedroom Design Ideas

Contemporary loft bedroom

Loft or attic bedroom would never been dark if you know bright modern loft bedroom design ideas. Sometimes, you as homeowner feel so confused what the loft is for. It can be your private place for family. However, it would be better if you use this space for bedroom. In order to make this attic bright, there are some ideas that you have to implement. What are they?

Avoid These Following Paints

Probably you like purple or pink so much. On the other hand, you want to design the loft bedroom for your little girl and you want to make it girly with pink paint color. Unfortunately, it is bad decision that you have ever made in your life since those colors will make the loft cramped, narrow, and a bit uncomfortable. Moreover, if the loft is only small, those paints colors will make it look much smaller.

Actually, it has been theory of painting in which the small space shouldn’t be painted with dark color like pink, red, purple, and many others. It would be better if you paint the wall of the loft bedroom with white color. It is much useful and it makes your loft bedroom bright.
Bright Bedroom Design Ideas

Create Window with Certain Design

Designing the window in wide size is not sufficient to make loft bedroom bright. In short, you shouldn’t put it as one of effective bright loft bedroom design ideas. Besides it should be wide, it is suggested that the window is set facing up to the sky. It doesn’t mean that it directly faces the sky, but only 30-45 degree elevation. However, this design is much more complicated because you have to make sure that rainfall doesn’t enter the attic.
Bedroom Window with Certain Design Ideas

Don’t Put These Into The Loft

First of all, you have to understand that it is not like usual bedroom. It is bedroom created in narrow space. Therefore, you shouldn’t treat it as regular bedroom. In order to make it bright, you need to select only useful furniture.

Instead of having regular cupboard, you can use open space cupboard. Meanwhile, the temporary divider becomes the best choice to divide two different space instead of creating wall made of cement.
Modern Loft Bedroom Design Ideas

Lighting as Usual Mistake

If homeowners find that the room is dark, possibly they will go to electric stores. They will buy the most expensive and bright lights. In fact, it is not solution. Probably it will solve the problem about darkness but at the same time, different problem emerges. The room will be getting warmer or even hotter because of the light. It will not a matter if you live in winter. How if it is summer?
Bedroom Design Ideas with Lighting

So, it is small mistake but it creates significant consequence. Too many lights will make the room hot and uncomfortable to stay. Therefore, you should try to implement those ideas above and never make a mistake like many homeowners. In short, bright modern loft bedroom design ideas have one main purpose; to make it comfortable to stay, not in contrary.