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Bedroom Design Idea – Trundle Bed

Which one will give you much more benefits, trundle bed or day bed? Parents who have already had more than one growing kid really need extra bed. Buying new one is not a great idea. Besides it costs a lot, the space will be little bit cramped. Even, buying a new bed will be a new problem if they don’t have spacious space to put it. So, what is the solution?

Day bed and trundle bed are solutions. However, which one is the real solution? You shouldn’t be in hurry to buy day bed or trundle bed. It is better to know review about the difference between these kinds of bed in order that you can select the best one.

Day Bed and Its Advantages

Actually, day bed is more like sofa. However, there is usually extra mattress below. Day bed has three sides which act as decorative panels. One is in the back and two panels are in the right and left side. You can lean on the back panel while you will have hand rest on the right or left side.
In short, it can be said that day bed will be sofa during the day. Nevertheless, it turns to be bed at night. Therefore, day bed become solution if you are looking for bed but sometimes you can turn it into sofa to welcome your guests.
Trundle bed designTrundle Bed and Its Advantages

Unlike bed day, trundle bed cannot be changed into sofa. It is truly bed. It has two mattresses in which this bed can be used for two persons. The main mattress is up above while the other is hidden beneath the main mattress.

This bed is solution for parents who have two kids but the bedroom is not quite spacious. During the day, the below mattress can be hidden while it is pulled during the night when the kids are ready to sleep.
For the times being, the manufacturers never stop to create a new design of trundle bed. However, up to now, this kind of unique bed is differentiated into two. They are drawer and pop-up trundle bed.
Bedroom design ideaThe first type (drawer) is a bed in which one of the mattresses is hidden beneath and it can be pulled. Usually, this mattress is very close to the ground. It looks like bed which has two levels or floors.
It is different with pop-up trundle bed. It is similar to the previous one, but the mattress beneath the main mattress can be raised. Therefore, its height is similar to the main mattress. That is why it is called pop-up.

So, which one do you prefer? Those kinds of unique bed (day bed and trundle bed) are space-saver. They are good for homeowners that don’t have quite spacious space to buy two beds. However, they are different. The first one can be used as sofa while the other cannot.
Bedroom idea trundle bedFor parents who are looking for extra mattress for their kids, they might try to find out bedroom design idea and they possibly conclude that trundle bed is the best one. How about you?