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Backyard Fence Designs that don’t Only Give Your Security

What do some backyard fence designs mean to you? Does the backyard fence make you safe from the thief or do you only make it like furniture to beautify your home interior design? Some homeowners believe that backyard fence should be great and it must give them safety. In order to make those purposes happen, it is not easy actually. However, it doesn’t mean that it cannot happen. You can have that kind of backyard design as well which give you safety and comfort for living.

Modern Eastern Wood Fence Style

It can be your option. Eastern has its own characteristic. If you visit Japan, you will not find difficulty to find out the house with the fence made of wood. Indonesia people from the past usually use wood as main material for their house and also fence since they can easily many kind of wood like teak. Therefore, it is not false if you take reference from eastern.
Wooden backyard designIn term of beauty, you shouldn’t need to doubt about wood fence. Even, for eastern people, wood also symbolizes greatness. People though that house made of wood is so great. It is close to nature and nature is the real greatness. In addition, you can combine it with several ornaments like leaves and grass.
People will see your fence not as fence, but it is more like marvelous garden. Therefore, two purposes (safety and beauty) will be obtained at the same time.

Layered Natural Wood Fence Design

Another idea is still using wood as the material for the backyard fence. The difference is that the fence has layers. The main purpose is to make the wind always come inside and outside of the backyard. It is good for homeowners’ health. Usually, this kind of fence design is chosen by those who take most of the time in the evening. They can serve cup of tea and welcome the guests in the backyard.
Wooden designUnfortunately, this layered wood fence design is less secured. There is still a hole in which people from the outside can see your house. Therefore, it is well-recommended that you use this kind of fence design if you have very friendly neighbor in the back. So, the face is more like the border between your territory and your neighbor’s.

Reflective Fence

This one is usually opted by those who live in urban area. Wood is getting expensive. In addition, it is not quite easy to buy this material. That becomes one of reasons why most urban people avoid having wood fence.

If you think so, you can try this design, reflective fence design. With this kind of fence, the sunlight will be blocked during the day. It is good solution for you if you are living in such extreme summer area. Meanwhile, during at night when the air blows, the flames from the fire pit will be reflected beautifully. You will have a great place to have party at night just in your backyard.
Reflective fence designWhich one do you like most? Why don’t you pick fence designs that give more benefits instead of some backyard fence designs that only act as a border of your house?