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Baby Room Ideas in Animal Themes

Are you parents who have been confused looking for baby room ideas in animal themes? First of all, you have to read this review in advance. You have to know that it is different for boys and girls in terms of animal theme. So, what is the room for? Boys or girls?

So, here is information in more detail.

Animal Theme for Boys Baby Room

Boys are always related to masculine. Even though they are still boys, but they are thinking about powerful things. So, what is the option?

You can pick lion. It is one of amazing baby room ideas in animal themes for boys. Lion is such a strong animal, like the characteristic of the boys. However, even though it is rude animal, the photos of the lion is cute instead of scaring.

You can paint the character of lion on the wall. Remember that the color should be fitted with the dominant color of the wall. Meanwhile, the bed cover has a picture of lion as well. Since lion is a king of the jungle, it would be great if you emerge the nuance of jungle by painting a big green tree and grass on the wall.
Baby Room Ideas with AnimalDo you want the other baby room ideas in animal themes for boys? Here is another option. Besides lion, elephant can be chosen as character theme for boys’ room. Since they are still boys, you can pick little tiny elephant character as well. So, they will like to have a friend in their room.

However, that is the only idea. You can combine two different animal characters in the room. If you want to emerge the nuance of jungle, you can paint the wall with lion, elephant, monkey, and giraffe. That would be great for boys’ room.

Animal Theme for Girls Baby Room

What about girls? They like something pretty. In fact, it is little bit hard to get animal character for girls’ room. It is much easier to get girly picture like flower.

However, it doesn’t mean that there is no choice related to baby room ideas in animal themes for girls. If you really like to bring animal character into your girls’ room, you can try to paint butterfly. It is a beautiful animal, isn’t it? Butterfly is frequently related with girl since it is so pretty.

Try paint the wall with butterfly character. Then, change the old bed with the new one in which is covered with bed cover with butterfly picture.
Childrenroom Animal Themes IdeasBesides butterfly, there is another choice. It is dolphin. Even though it can be for boys, you can pick female dolphin character. In this case, you have to match it with the color of the wall. Since dolphin lives in the sea, the wall must be painted with blue color. For some parents, they don’t like it because blue is a color for boys. Nevertheless, it doesn’t really matter anyway.
Baby Room Animal IdeasThose are some baby room ideas in animal themes that you can choose for your beloved children. You have to keep in your mind that they are not always going to be kids. They are growing up. Therefore, make sure that you don’t change the room significantly since two or three years later, you have to get another theme for your children’s room.
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