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At What Age Recommended Bunk Beds for Toddler?

Pink toddler bunk bed

Are you parents looking for the answer of at what age recommended bunk beds for toddler? So, you are not the only one. Thousands parents are curious about this answer. Unfortunately, the answer is uncertain. There is different opinion about how the your toddler can be put on this place.

Even, don’t even think about allowing your six-years-old kid sleeping on the upper bunk bed. It would be bad idea to let him or her sleep there. Therefore, you can consider about certain things below.

Toddler bunk bed

Something that You have to consider most

Actually, there are some guidelines that you have to follow if you are planning to buy bunk beds for your toddler. These guidelines are not written on as a rule but it is more like suggestion to make sure that your toddler are safe while you put into this space.

The first thing is about the material. Before deciding bunk beds, make sure that the material is tough. As you know that toddler has curiosity to touch, pull, or push something, not to mention the guardrail. Therefore, you have to make sure that the guardrail has been made of strong material.

In addition, the guardrail should not endanger the toddler. Avoid purchasing the bunk bed with guardrail that possibly can hurt your toddler. Therefore, the guardrail should not only be tough, but also safe for toddler.

Bunk bed for toddler

One thing that is not less important is that about the installation. You might prefer to install the bunk beds in the middle of the room since you can easily put the toddler while he or she is sleeping. However, there is a risk in which your toddler can leap from the bed. He or she might be able to climb and overturn from the bed.

Therefore, it would be better if you install the bunk bed just next to the wall. Even, it is strongly-recommended that one side of the guardrail touches the wall to prevent toddler being trapped between the wall and bunk bed.

At what age toddler can sleep in the upper bunk beds?

The further question is that how if you have two toddlers? Should you put in the same bunk bed or should you put one of them in the upper bunk bed? At what age toddler can sleep safely in the upper bunk beds?

Do you know sleep-walking? The experts said that most of children are sleep-walking and it is dangerous if they sleep on the upper bunk bed, right? It has also been reported that many children in the United States get injuries because they fall from the upper bunk bed.

Blue toddler bunk bed

Therefore, following the guideline above is not enough. Toddlers like standing and they like to learn to stand alone and walk. Therefore, you should pay attention to them. If you have kids for example 6-8 years old, it doesn’t mean they are safe to sleep on the upper bunk bed. You should not stop to warn them not to play on the upper bunk bed. In short, it is expected that you get information about your question at what age recommended bunk beds for toddler.