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5 Dining Room Furniture Ideas for a Long Room

Dining room glass table

These following 5 dining room furniture ideas for a long room will make this space as warm place to get together with the whole members of family. You have to make the most of this long and spacious room. Dining room is such a good space to have conversation with all family members, especially if you have big family. Therefore, this space is not only to serve meal and gather in short time. As parent, you can serve the main meal and delicious appetizer in order that all family members are pleased to spend much time to talk together in dining room.
Contemparary Dining Room Furniture IdeasThese 5 dining room furniture ideas for a long room will make it happen.

Rectangular Table

If you are classic movie lovers like princess-themed movies, you will find inspiration about long rectangular table for dining room. It is usually made of wood with certain unique craved objects. From the appearance, you can easily guest that this table has nuance of vintage.
However, if you have already designed your dining room with modern style, you can consider buying the rectangular table made of glass. The glass is the material representing modernity. How about the chair?

Long Dining Room Furniture IdeasRecommended Chairs for Long Dining Room

Any dining chairs can be great for this kind of room. Nevertheless, you should never set round or oval chairs. This kind of chair will eat out the space. Meanwhile, the long rectangular table is designed in order that all members can take closer each other.
Modern Long Dining Room Furniture IdeasMeanwhile, you can opt for dining chairs with arm or without arm. Some designers are not quite suggested to take armed dining chairs since the arm creates certain space between two chairs. However, it is not a real matter.
Long Dining Room Chairs IdeasIn terms of fabric, there are a lot of options like cotton, denim, or canvas. In fact, if you would like to emerge the nuance of vintage, you should never try to choose colorful fabric.

Classic Cupboard

For the times being, a small apartment usually makes kitchen and dining room at the same space due to limited space. However, you don’t have any reason not to take some useful furniture that probably cannot be found in small dining room, cupboard for instance. Indeed, you don’t quite need this one. Nevertheless, it can be accessory in your dining room as a place to display unique cup, kettle, plates, and any things related to dining and kitchen.
Cupboard for Long Dining Room IdeasTV Cabinet

This furniture is only for modern dining room design. You can imagine if you come back for work and ask your children to join on the table for meal. While enjoying the meal, you and your family can have evening family gathering and watching favorite TV program. That would be nice.
TV Cabinet Ideas for Dining RoomOval Chairs with Round Big Table

It has been stated before that you should not select oval-shaped chair since you have rectangular-shaped dining table. If you prefer to have oval chairs for your long and wide dining room, you can pair these chairs with round table.
Oval Chairs Ideas for Dining RoomIt is expected that 5 dining room furniture decorating ideas for a long room can answer your question about how to design your dining room.